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Today's News - Friday, December 7, 2007

An exhaustive analysis of the Big Dig holds many lessons for fixing America's failing infrastructure. -- Lessons also from affordable housing's venture into green territory. -- Russell minces no words re: government plans to demolish 4,500 perfectly good public housing units in New Orleans: "Merry Christmas, poor people...forgotten renters." -- Hume has high hopes for a sustainable multi-use complex dedicated to nature in the heart of Toronto. -- Saffron is cautiously hopeful about a new condo tower on Philadelphia's Rittenhouse Square. -- Battle lines being drawn over Gazprom tower in St. Petersburg. -- Battle lines over Brooklyn's waterfront as well. -- More takes on New York's New Museum: Kennicott finds it "supernatural" and "audacious. -- It's "one of the most seductive structures seen in past decades" (but the inside doesn't live up to the outside). -- It could change the future of museum design (but skip the show). -- Brutalist church in D.C. wins landmark status despite congregation's objections. -- Ruling called an example of the "preservation police" forcing protection of "a crumbling example of a failed and arrogant architectural experiment." -- Deterring terror by design on both sides of the Big Pond. -- 25 steps to diversity offer incentive to the industry to act instead of just giving lip-service. -- Call for entries for a sustainable artists' community in Dallas. -- Weekend diversions: books to make you think about a world of slum dwellers; and not wanting to seem churlish, but... -- Corbu show at Vitra Museum doesn't "shy away from showing some aspects in a critical light." -- Architects shine at Tokyo's Museum of Contemporary Art. -- How could we resist: Never mind housing issues, aging infrastructure, etc., NYC is getting serious about its pigeon problem.

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