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Today's News - Monday, November 19, 2007

ArcSpace brings us Meier and MAD. -- An eyeful of Beijing's Olympic flying saucers, melting golf balls, and China's first great gift to the world in the 21st century. -- UAE developers are buying into green in a big way (we can hope, anyway). -- There's some inspiration - and some disappointment - in proposals for U.K. eco-towns. -- What makes one British housing estate a success and another a mile away a failure. -- Towering plans unveiled for Manhattan's Hudson Yards. -- Watch out, Burj Dubai - Kuwait has taller/bigger plans (and a pix to prove it). -- British government calls on architects to "design out" terror threats. -- Bayley calls it "architecture of paranoia... We might live in dangerous times, but they don't have to be ugly ones too." -- Crosbie gives (mostly) thumbs-up to West Hartford's Blue Back Square (just get rid of some of those planters!). -- In Las Vegas, 117-acre open-air Town Square has - count 'em - 70 different building facades "to give it an authentic urban feeling" (!??!). -- Whitney Gould's eloquent parting words in her final column (a sad day for us): in the "tension between continuity and change lies the seedbed for enormous creativity." -- Ouroussoff and Kennicott find that continuity in Foster's glass pavilion for the Smithsonian: he "embraced his task with fetishistic glee" and didn't dress it up in "historicist frippery." -- Dublin gives go-ahead to his/U2's Clarence Hotel plan (not all are pleased). -- Rose is wrapped in "mystery and awe" in Zumthor's old/new Cologne museum. -- A new masterpiece for L.A.'s Grand Avenue is almost ready to "sing, dance and inspire." -- The new Rural Studio is starting to think big. -- Call for entries: Quebec's Jardins de Métis/Reford Gardens international competition. -- Of note: Wal-Mart's report on environmental efforts: some good, some could be better.

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