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Today's News - Tuesday, October 30, 2007

From super-blocks to eco-blocks: eco-cities starting to take root (with China taking the lead?). -- "The sanctity of green belt land should be questioned": are U.K.'s greenbelts under threat from official guardian? -- Freelon and Bond get coveted nod for African-American museum on the Mall in Washington. -- An image-filled sneak-peek at California Academy of Sciences. -- How the Prado's prayer was answered (and the battles it took to get there). -- Pearman on the rebirth of British regional theaters, and one that may not be "high architecture" that wins design awards - "but it should." -- Digital imagery to resurrect lost Vietnamese palace that may become actual brick-and-mortar restoration. -- Architectural mysteries to solve in restoration of a Jefferson masterpiece. -- National Building Museum's 2007 Scully Prize to president of the National Trust for Historic Preservation. -- The "brickbats fly" at RIBA conference (ironically themed "collaboration"). -- Several Belgian architecture and art schools to merge. -- Bayley takes a promenade along the "boulevards of unbroken dreams" of Paris. -- An Indian architect who vows off commercial work to work with the earth. -- Melbourne's Federation Square celebrates its 5th birthday (and nary a critic in sight). -- The Lighthouse in Glasgow explores "tragedy as well as of triumph" with "Gillespie, Kidd & Coia: Architecture 1956-87." -- Boddy is taken by Roy Arden landscapes at the Vancouver Art Gallery. -- In NYC, Rockwell razzle-dazzle to eat lunch by (but only until Friday!). -- How could we resist: Piano's first super-duper cruise liner.

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