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Today's News - Friday, October 19, 2007

An amazingly in-depth look at the world's top 12 modern buildings. -- Pompidou Centre (#3) omitted mention the project's structural engineer (to the dismay of his children). -- Sacramento is on the verge of joining greenest cities ranks. -- FutureBOSTON looks to keep the city "competitive in an economy where talent is increasingly mobile - and fickle." -- Blum on why he "began to sour" on Jane Jacobs "on account of what struck me as the shortsightedness of her localism, or at least the localism shouted in her name." -- Two Bangalore architects are disgruntled by government apathy in planning construction. -- Preservationists should spend less time griping and more time figuring out how to make historic structures practical. -- A big-picture look at what might be in store for Manhattan's Hudson Yards. -- Kamin on "one of the most noteworthy of Chicago's enlightened efforts to put high-profile architects at the service of those at the bottom of the economic ladder." -- Hadid's Olympic aquatics center gets value-engineered again (third time a charm?). -- Niemeyer at 100 still has a desk full of projects. -- Alsop's "latest leap looks good," and Kurokawa as a master of PR. -- Jencks on his good friend Kurokawa (and much more). -- The public votes Toms canvas shoe as top Cooper-Hewitt's People's Design Award. -- Calls for entries: CNU 2008 Charter Awards; 2007 Beyond Green High Performance Building Awards; and Tile of Spain Architecture and Interior Design Awards.

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