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Today's News - Tuesday, September 25, 2007

A day in Spain: ArcSpace brings us an eyeful of EMBT's park in Barcelona. -- The "Bilbao Syndrome" makes Spain the "land of 'wow-factor' museums. -- Bilbao's "titanium-clad salvation" 10 years later. -- More pix of Foster's Nou Camp makeover. -- Climate change + rising waters = a flotilla of villages on the River Clyde (and elsewhere?). -- One year later, ASLA's green roof demonstration project reports good news. -- Cheek offers his take on Seattle's architecture of unhappiness. -- A new Dallas hotel is swanky on the inside, but in a disappointingly "plain wrapper." -- Why U2 still hasn't gotten its Dublin tower. -- Bono as Ando's warm-up act. -- Barton Myers in Orlando "has no interest in building icons." -- Marks Barfield "come up trumps again" with "a glorious" arts center for suburban Woking. -- Libeskind opens a new glass courtyard to his Jewish Museum in Berlin. -- The man is a foodie, too. -- An amusing look at other starchitects' favorite eateries. -- Q&A with Porphyrios re: his work at Princeton and the "misinterpretation of the word 'tradition'." -- Jane Jacobs in the spotlight with a show all her own. -- Red flags for cell towers. -- Call for entries for a TV tower exhibit.

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