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Today's News - Tuesday, September 11, 2007

9/11: a day of remembrance and comments: An exhibition remembers without pomp or circumstance. -- Some progress at Ground Zero as some politicians get out of the way. -- Dublin Spire points up what's wrong with the WTC Memorial, says Rybczynski. -- ArcSpace brings us an eyeful of Gehry in Napa Valley. -- Infrastructure better be on America's 21st-centruy agenda. -- To build great cities, we need more citizen input - not another Robert Moses. -- Foster designing big - and carbon neutral - in Libya and Abu Dhabi. -- Asymptote doing the same in Malaysia. -- A university's surveys and research hopes to spread the good news about green roofs. -- AIA study shows we're pretty dim when it comes to understanding building's contribution to global warming. -- King reports on jury recommendation for Transbay tower project, and then offers his own take: "predictability wins out over pizzazz." -- Atlanta's shiny new opera house (perhaps with a bit too much shine?). -- The art of restoring the Guggenheim is as "engrossing" as the art within. -- A Wright masterpiece completed 57 years after its design (though not all agree it's right to call it a Wright). -- Wolfe and Eisenman get it on at Yale: "modernism has taken the awe out of architecture." -- It's Open House season all over the globe.

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