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Today's News - Friday, August 17, 2007

LEED-ND takes on neighborhoods. -- Study revisits cost of greening projects. -- New research supports eco-friendly urbanism. -- Mays has high hopes for green affordable housing project in Toronto - but wonders if such projects can really make a difference. -- It's hurricane season again and New Orleans is in the eye of a storm of controversy - still. -- Is Napa Valley really ready for massive Napa Pipe project? -- A chronicle the rise of portable architecture. -- São Paulo bans billboards (are blank marquees and rusting frames really better?). -- How would such a ban play in Piccadilly Circus or Times Square? -- After years of litigation, Moscow Planetarium, "a unique monument of constructivist architecture," is almost ready for its close-up. -- The growing efforts to rescue Indian heritage -- including some very big rocks - from the "swift march of urban development." -- Weekend diversions: 50 manifestos by 50 most notables (and each uncharacteristically brief!). -- Paving the way to make Perth a dynamic, creative place to live. -- Hawthorne is (mostly) thumbs-up about two tomes that tackle the "just-add-water urbanism" phenomenon in the UAE. -- "Smoot's Ear" is an architect's brief history of our efforts to measure things. ----- EDITOR'S NOTE: Our apologies for not posting yesterday (the technology gods must have been upset with us).

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