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Today's News - Wednesday, August 1, 2007

The rebirth of the environmental movement: "actually an old idea repackaged for the 21st Century." -- Is the word "community" overused - and underserved - by architects and planners? -- Farrelly on architects as egoists: arrogance is an "occupational hazard." -- Hawthorne revisits MoMA: a rare chance "to watch as the critical consensus...waxes and wanes in a matter of months rather than decades." -- Kamin cheers a "stunning" political turnabout in previous plan to demolish an architectural and social landmark. -- Rooftops as garden spots (and selling points). -- The newest addition to Germany's edifice complex: BMW's shrine to horsepower. -- A "Manhattanized" vision for Las Vegas. -- A winning design to replace derelict cooling towers in Sheffield, U.K. -- Glancey garners a rare interview with Niemeyer: "What I could do at 60 I can still do now" - at 99 (a must-read!). --Ellen Dunham-Jones on retrofitting suburbia: "How do you overlay smart growth onto a sprawled system?" -- "Womenfolk" in Malaysia making their mark. -- Call for entries: The Buckminster Fuller Challenge. -- Another take on Rybczynski's "Last Harvest": "a gently entertaining and frequently enlightening tale...with no bad guys." -- One we couldn't resist: BP allowed to increase the amount of toxic chemicals pumped into the Great Lakes (what?!!?).

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