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Today's News - Tuesday, June 12, 2007

An urban designer discusses the trials, tribulations - and rewards of building public consensus. -- Are stormwater mitigation rules helping the environment or encouraging sprawl? -- Washington, DC's Anacostia Waterfront Corp. may be dissolved, but its legacy is preserved. -- King's "manifesto": even without a starchitect or big budget, there's "no reason new buildings can't be modest triumphs of quality and care." -- It looks like China might finally clamp down on rampant loss of architectural heritage in its "blind pursuit of large, new and exotic" buildings. -- Saffron questions how Philadelphia could lose two historic buildings when the city was "firmly on the side of preservation." -- How Dubai "has thrust itself to the center of international consciousness" to outdo Las Vegas "in strange spectacle." -- Move over, Dubai: Saudi Arabia plans a multi-billion-dollar multicultural metropolis (five, actually). -- Hawthorne is (mostly) thumbs-up for Gehry's Grand Avenue Phase 1 (but will infighting drive the master away from the rest?). -- Meanwhile, Maltzan has designs on L.A.'s arts district. -- Alsop on Toronto's "newfound bravery" has Hume calling him "a Torontonian in spirit if not in law." -- Voelz Chandler is enchanted by Holl's "bit of magic in four acts." -- Heathcote finds Royal Festival Hall looking "fresh and contemporary beside the rain-streaked behemoths and in a city obsessed with towers, icons and silly shapes." -- Yale's under-the-radar but oh-so-green construction project. -- Some are thrilled (others not) to be invited to submit qualifications for Bush Library project. -- Atkins makes learning visible through the structures and environment in a new UAE school. -- Q&A with Volkwin Marg: his views on architecture and his plans for New Delhi stadium. -- Super Potato's super Sugimoto. -- Cornell finds new university architect via the GSA.

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