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Today's News - Wednesday, June 6, 2007

We lose a master who married architectural aesthetics and "a social consciousness for a postwar world." -- WMF's 2008 List of 100 Most Endangered Sites highlights three critical man-made threats. -- All eyes on California as it tries to hold cities' and counties' poorly planned suburban sprawl accountable for global warming. -- Green building trend grows, though not all go for the cost of LEED. -- An architect spearheads a new, easier way to measure carbon output of construction projects. -- German towns setting up their own grids of self-produced energy. -- For Ouroussoff, with the Nelson-Atkins "breathtaking addition," Holl has finally found his "place in the pantheon" with "a work of haunting power." -- Saffron finds a 21st-century intervention is a "feat of magic" at Bryn Mawr. -- The planned "reinvention" of the Royal Shakespeare Theatre "mixes fresh ambition with respect for the past." -- Atlanta has big plans for another big mixed-use project. -- ASLA announces 2007 Honors. -- We couldn't resist Glancey's take on the 2012 Olympics logo: it "more ways than one." -- On a more serious note, logo video had to be pulled from web for causing epileptic seizures. -- Chicago gears up to celebrate William Le Baron Jenney, "The Father of the Skyscraper." -- Balazs wins bid for Prouve's tropical prefab; hasn't decided what to do with it (leave it in Queens?). -- Gehry flick opens in Japan to one amusing review: "sparkling vision of a child prodigy who has never had to grow up." -- Also on view in Tokyo: Fujimori, the "cheerful misfit" of last year's Venice Biennale. -- And in London, Niall McLaughlin adorns gallery walls.

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