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Today's News - Thursday, April 26, 2007

Mies Prize may surprise (lots of pix of winner and starchitect-runners-up). -- Institute without Boundaries offers World House, a quiet idea to loud to ignore. -- The "BMW of small homes" is smaller than an SUV (and comes with all the bells and whistles). -- Pittsburgh takes "most livable" prize. -- Predock envisions Canada's Human Rights Museum as a "symbolic apparition of ice, clouds, and stone." -- "Stunning" plans (and familiar names) for football stadium and housing on Portsmouth, U.K.'s waterfront. -- Himalayan ski resort put on hold (someone forgot to include the environment management plan). -- Serpentine pavilion design looks like "teeth from a giant, vicious dog" (or looks like a spinning top or a snail shell, depending on report - we picked the one with a pix). -- Another take on Gehry's IAC in NYC is (mostly) glowing. -- Move over glass facades - metal shows its mettle. -- Rochon says design for new Toronto gateway is "a large-scale piece of poetry" that "deserves our attention." -- Kamin says an exhibition of Chicago architecture during 2016 Olympics in the "vacuum of a museum" won't be necessary - it'll all be in plain sight. -- Rail tunnel in Barcelona approved, but many call it "kiss of death" for Sagrada Familia. -- Meier's storeroom of 40 years of models open for view (by appointment). -- Urban dwellers in Manila need more Pei- and Jerde-like design. -- Bouncy buildings to inflate on Trafalgar Square. -- A tribute to Laurie Baker, "more activist than an architect." -- Maki on the importance of context.

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