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Today's News - January 23, 2007

An intriguing look at the "uneasy marriage between autocrats and star architects" and treating building as "a moral issue in these globalized times." -- There's no model to support "socially motivated architecture and urban planning in disaster-weary Lebanon." -- Williams finds that the environmental movement "seems to be in group therapy at the moment." -- He and others explore the issue in February. -- Erskine's housing development in Newcastle declared a treasure. -- Not such good news for other modern masters in Baltimore, St. Louis, Grosse Pointe, New Haven, and Boston. -- Shopaholics in east India should be thrilled with new 5.6-acre shopping mall. -- Two from Gould: a new museum is the "real thing" while a mixed-use center is merely a "wannabe"; and another mixed-use development in Milwaukee proves that a "round peg sometimes does fit in a square hole." -- Russell gives thumbs-up to Seattle's sculpture park, but finds museum wing disappointing. -- Hume finds Seattle library "a palace for the people" (even if fraying a bit around the edges). -- Bostonians win Chazen Museum expansion in Wisconsin. -- New Louisville arena design team named. -- NYC's miles and miles of underground museum.

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