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Today's News - November 6, 2006

ArcSpace brings us SANAA in the Netherlands, and shopping in Tokyo. -- Kamin finds two projects prove there's a place for subtlety in an age of spectacle. -- The proliferation of glass condo towers that look like "look like live-in limousines." -- The story behind the one-two punch in Denver's Civic Center saga. -- Campbell finds "excitement and delight" in Denver's new museum: "Libeskind has simply taken a well-known architectural language and used it to write a better poem." -- A Q&A with the 3 finalists vying for Denver's Clyfford Still Museum. -- New study finds sprawl not the cause of sprawling waistlines. -- Boddy finds Vancouver's EcoDensity Initiative a "minor masterpiece of the literature of greenwashing." -- Glancey revisits Britain's 60-year-old new towns and wonders if it is "time to embrace Basildon, Milton Keynes and co." -- A Canadian community looks to embrace New Urbanism (not without growing pains). -- Hopeful lessons in the Jacobs vs. Moses debate. -- Lowly rooftops becoming Corbu's dream of being the "fifth facade." -- Lessons sprout from a lone patch of green roof in the Bronx. -- One proposal for L.A.'s Cornfield Park is way out there (but at least it stirred the pot). -- Pearman finds a new London gallery "chillingly impressive." -- A third Sullivan treasure in Chicago goes up in smoke. -- A look at how sustainability is suddenly good for business. -- A Parsons program has students hanging their hearts on their hardhats. -- NYC firms offer their visions of the city in 2016.

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