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Today's News - October 30, 2006

ArcSpace brings us more than just a new hotel in Tokyo, and an art pavilion in the Netherlands. -- We lose an early champion of International Style. -- Australian architects organize to help those in desperate need. -- New neighborhoods in Seattle that are socially, economically, and environmentally sustainable. -- Affordable housing in NYC can still afford elegant touches. -- A Canadian architect designs model home for the have-nots in the Philippines. -- At Hadid's new Maggie's Centre, patients will "feel hugged" by the building. -- A woman architect working with mostly women to design Toronto's Women's College Hospital: "This is so refreshing." -- Mendes da Rocha on architecture and the future of humanity. -- Things are finally looking up for one of Melbourne's "least lovely sites." -- Navy Pier taking the right steps, but still too early to break out the bubbly, says Kamin. -- Glancey meets the architects determined to make London's Abbey Mills mosque a building that offers "hope of reconciliation within and between different cultures and beliefs." -- A very positive take on Mount Vernon's new centers (without a Doric column in sight). -- Hats off to Ban's Centre Pompidou-Metz (literally and figuratively). -- L.A.'s Griffith Observatory ready for its close-up: "preservation allowed a certain measure of unorthodoxy." -- Architects gathered in Chicago to debate 21st-century icons (and figure out how to wash the windows). -- A look at a Welton D. Becket modern classic. -- An exhibit in NYC blurs the line between architecture and installation art. -- Call for applications: Inaugural Jane Jacobs Fellowship opportunity in New Orleans.

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