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Today's News - August 16, 2006

A priest and a prophet of "green" at odds (somewhat) about the odds for a future sustainable society. -- It's time to get angry about architecture and the "depressing mess left by urban architects." -- Maybe things would be better if planners became masters of the sound bite (some amusing suggestions). -- Survey shows Brits bemoan a loss of community spirit, green spaces, and more. -- Winning plan for an orphan space "hopes to resolve its identity crisis" (now all it needs is a construction budget). -- Hawthorne asks where the "daring vision" in Eisenman's stadium is as sports architecture awaits its "Bilbao moment." -- First LEED Platinum for residential project. -- The next hot neighborhood in New York (it's been waiting for 30 years). -- University of Alberta thinks big as Canada rethinks its healthcare education model. -- Johnson's Glass House gets ready for its close-up. -- A major makeover for Montpelier (not everyone agrees it was the way to go).presidential estate Montpelier. -- A Lifetime Achievement Award for a casino architect who dislikes awards. -- A gigantic crystalline model of Sydney Opera House that took 7 years to build is found after 32 years (and it only took 2 years to put it back together - check out the pix!). -- Two new TEDTalks to view or listen to.

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