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Today's News - July 12, 2006

Are 2008 Olympic developments killing off what remains of Beijing's cultural heritage? -- New trend: "New Villages" a.k.a. TOD's but further out (or a reinvention of sprawl?). -- An anti-sprawl expert considers himself more pro-smart growth. -- Stalling sprawl: advice from two former governors. -- Kotkin takes on L.A.'s convention center give-away's; it's not the only white elephant in the country. -- Big plans (and big bucks) to revive Chicago's financial district. -- A British council architect's woes (better keep current on those HSW credits!). -- The label game: is it green or just greenwash? -- Prince-Ramus deconstructs on TEDTalks. -- Experts take on the future. -- We couldn't resist: evaluating genius (late-bloomers take heart). -- A new book looks at real and unreal cities in film and literature: are they one in the same?




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