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Today's News - June 27, 2006

Two pros offer their views on trends in public and academic libraries. -- Is public participation in the planning process merely a token gesture? -- The public vote that sparked the question. -- Study shows mixed private/public housing developments should not set one type apart from the other to be successful (is that really news?). -- CABE backs an "iconic" waterfront development in Liverpool (the architect is pleased). -- Indianapolis has lessons to learn if it wants its waterfront development to be a winner. -- Milwaukee is the thrall of the "urbanization of suburbia" trend. -- Ouroussoff offers high praise for Nouvel's "mysterious and wildly eccentric" Paris museum. -- An L.A. attitude takes certain latitude in two not-so-new design museums. -- Some museums are re-evaluating display methods to appeal to the broadest audience. -- A Young Turk from Britain casts his spell on SoHo, NYC; and the critic declares the error of his ways in earlier review of a new Manhattan tower. -- Eisenman takes to the rails in Napoli. -- Foreign architects building their dreams in India. -- A new national park HQ shows off its green curves. -- The Aspen Design Summit takes on the South Bronx and New Orleans. -- The best of TED is now free on the web. -- A new, free dictionary of Scottish Victorian architects and buildings goes online. -- A Glasgow architect reminisces about his time with Breuer.




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