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Today's News - June 1, 2006

CNU convenes in Providence (modernists welcome - if they behave). -- Hawthorne's take on young L.A. architects is mostly positive, but wonders if we're also "training a generation of dilettantes." -- Niemeyer doesn't mince words in his "campaign against the specialists." -- Eminent domain and chaos in Oregon. -- The fate of sacred "viewsheds": who owns the views? -- In Ireland, big plans for Cork's center city considered by some to be "grossly out of scale, confused and lacking in conceptual or architectural unity." -- For Toronto's Downsview Park, perhaps it's time to start over -- with landscape architects this time ("poor Mau" after Koolhaas threw in the towel). -- Sadly (and ironically), Manila treasure loses out to a parking lot in the last days of Heritage Month. -- Soleri's Sundial Bridge still under clouds. -- Airports as the new metropolitan Central Business Districts. -- Recycling Philadelphia's Navy Yard: good idea (but a hard-sell for some). -- A Kansas county hopes Option B design for stadium will pack some "wow." -- A Connecticut memorial is a wall to remember. -- Missouri claims first state government building in U.S. to win LEED Platinum. -- Predock leaving his mark all around, but not in, Denver.

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