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Today's News - May 16, 2006

An in-depth look at the "war of wills" (and words) swirling around 9/11 memorial at Ground Zero (or, how to - or not to - pick your battles...it would be funny if it weren't so sad). -- High energy prices are "the tipping point for a great redirection away from sprawl." -- Duany to bring new urbanism to Scotland. -- Perhaps he should visit Poundbury to help appease the PROD's. -- Finalists in Toronto waterfront competition an "eclectic" bunch (including a "gaggle of New York firms"). -- Rybczynski "opines" on suburbia, Wal-Mart, and starchitecture. -- A conversation with urbanist Sir Peter Hall and "Biomimicry" author Janine Benyus. -- Beauty and a park will grow amidst those old Orange County bunkers. -- Landscape architecture finally getting deserved attention. -- Hadid's Spiraling Tower on Barcelona's waterfront "like a pile of Liquorice Allsorts on top of one another" (is that a good thing?). -- Three Texas towns share an arts center. -- Colorado town wants to save its night sky. -- Architecture for Humanity finally starts to see results. -- Discretion as an architectural art form in a sculpture park. -- Remember plans for a glass skywalk over Grand Canyon? It's really happening. -- "The Architecture of Happiness" like "rubbernecking at a literary car-crash" (that's one of the more polite criticisms in the review). -- On view: Bucky and Noguchi in New York. -- Italy's grand designs in Montreal.

EXHIBITION: Barcelona in Progress




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