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Today's News - May 10, 2006

A panel of architectural critics criticizes current criticism. -- Meanwhile, loads of odes to New York's influentials. -- Lord Rogers didn't make the cut, but he loves the city anyway. -- Farrelly eloquently bemoans Australia's tendency to "stuff the environment" in favor of greed. -- EU court decision requiring environmental impact studies could be a "headache" for developers, but a boon for communities battling "inappropriate, insensitive development." -- A debate about development in Beirut should prove interesting. -- Canada's entry for the Venice Biennale is a few skeins short (some blame developers who make "millions of dollars off architects and they won't even provide a dime"). -- A rather wishy-washy thumbs-up/thumbs-down for the new Morgan Library (blame it on Wright). -- The Harvard Crimson is not crazy about new science complex: "not hideous...but not Harvard either." -- Blunders seem to abound and surround Ground Zero memorial. -- A green roof as learning tool for cities with limited green space. -- Hospitals discovering design reduces errors (seems like rather old news to us). -- Chicago area soon to be swimming in water parks. -- Big plans for Philadelphia Science Center. -- Competing visions for Toronto waterfront to go on view. -- Hume offers his picks for Pugly Awards: from the "splendid to the tiresome." -- de Botton "over-eggs his pudding" in "The Architecture of Happiness."

EXHIBITION: Barcelona in Progress




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