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Today's News - November 16, 2005

On the Gulf Coast, in a "fraught and sinister situation" of massive evictions "now blunders...the Congress of New Urbanism" (who ever said criticism was dead?). -- A roundup of post-Katrina proposals (including a "gaggle of congressional Republicans"). -- Perhaps there are lessons to be learned from the Smart Growth Achievement Award winners. -- Perhaps hope for the future with ULI Student Urban Design Competition. -- New Urbanist planning, like TOD's, a hit in Chicago suburb. -- St. Petersburg, Russia, has its own urban design woes. -- Is Vancouver too late with its moratorium on downtown residential development? -- Groundbreaking on Chicago's Block 37 (finally). -- Big plans to revive a Florida town's "slum" neighborhood. -- U.K.'s rural historic buildings are rotting - except those coveted and converted by developers (twee = "excessively or affectedly quaint, sentimental or mawkish"). -- Is it time for a comeback of the "exuberant rationalism and global planning" of Marxist architect Erno Goldfinger or industrial designer Joe Colombo? -- Business Week serves up and ode to Johnson's Urban Glass House. -- A "maze-like showpiece" is the center of a center-less campus. -- Toronto's best building in a long time "should be the first stop for visiting design stars." -- Great design is worth the cost. -- McDonough named Esquire's "Big Thinker of the Year." -- Belle makes homeland proud: not the "modern stereotype of the thrusting, hi-tech, polo-necked architect" (how refreshing!).




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