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Today's News - July 27, 2005

A sterling shortlist for Stirling Prize. -- An all-time high for tall buildings around the world. -- A call to stop the "gushing" and enter into "thoughtful civic debate" about Calatrava's Chicago spire. -- It's time to start making buildings better, not bigger. -- Add to our lexicon: "Megalopolis": a "secret to America's 21st-century survival and success"? -- Big plans to preserve Edinburgh's history - and still allow striking architecture - built well). -- New airport terminal: very big, lots of art, no sense of place. -- More on the Antarctic research station (more pix, too). -- Two art and design colleges may merge. -- AIA adds New Orleans and Alexandria Township N.J. to its Sustainable Design Assistance Team (SDAT) Program. -- Seattle (again) tops list of most expensive U.S. cities. -- An exhibition looks at L.A.'s architectural and urban experiments from decades past. -- For your amusement and edification: a lexicon and fairy tale of "plannerese": fauxburb, doczilla, and more.




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