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Today's News - March 8, 2005

The next industrial revolution: will it be mean or green? - Even the architect hired to replace a Miami landmark thinks it's an "unfortunate situation, that this loved building is going to have to come down." -- Is the "if-you-build-it-they-will-stampede" building blitz over for museums? -- Tsunami museum with Universal Studio-style experience-the-wave idea considered just a bit too over the top. -- A blighted downtown in Georgia turns into a gem - way ahead of schedule. -- Business leaders see green in being "green" in Racine. -- Another take on Edinburgh's big plans for its waterfront. -- London's Home Office HQ opens without scandal ("What's wrong?"). - MIT honors Calatrava with $70,000 McDermott Award. -- Frank Lloyd Wright Foundation and School of Architecture are foundering. -- "Design Innovations in Manufactured Housing" at Chicago's Field Museum explores if well-designed pre-fab can come out from under the "the public's disdain."




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