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Today's News - September 24, 2004

Too many checklists: is good architecture losing out to more than just bean counters? -- A peaceful Belfast brings its own architecture center: PLACE (planning, landscape, architecture, community and environment). -- A Bangalore architect calls for less glass, more nature. -- A San Francisco architect designs hurricane-proof buildings (next challenge: avalanche zone in Alaska). -- Local boy (Pelli) favored for Connecticut science center. -- A quiet (read press-not-invited) groundbreaking ceremony for futuristic Koolhaas tower in Beijing. -- Car-free day causes traffic jams in Europe, but slow to catch on in car-obsessed U.S. -- Traffic jam solution: a "flying car" being developed by NASA and Boeing (poor birds!). -- Alsop Architects tightens its belt (but has big plans on the horizon). -- Miralles's children can be proud of Holyrood. -- WHR offers fellowship opportunities. -- Upcoming conference explores how to deal with outmoded codes and zoning. -- A symposium looks at the American home of the future. -- Danes take center stage in Toronto. -- Lebbeus Wood takes center stage in Pittsburgh.

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INSIGHT: Ticking the Right Boxes: In today's quest to add value at all costs, are we not losing sight of the most important aspect of all - the architecture itself? By Austin Williams- ArchNewsNow

North's building design gets PLACE of its own: Continuing peace means that Belfast can turn its attention to the quality of its buildings....a centre dedicated to promoting better design has just opened. - Todd Architects- Irish Times

Those living in glass houses...: Bangalore-based architect Anil Bhaskaran believes in minimal use of glass. Tune in to Nature, he says, and bring back those verandahs, pandals and courtyards. [image]- The Hindu (India)

Houses that defy hurricanes: "dome home" on the Florida Panhandle survived the full brunt of the deadly storm with barely a scratch. - Jonathan Zimmerman [image, link]- Christian Science Monitor

Panel Favors Pelli For Science Center Design: Architect's Diving Board-Like Building Is Leader Of Four Finalists For Adriaen's Landing Site - Safdie; Hadid; Behnisch [link to images]- Hartford Courant (Connecticut)

Work on CCTV's controversial HQ gets low-key start - Rem Koolhaas/Ole Scheeren/Office for Metropolitan Architecture (South China Morning Post)- AsiaMedia/UCLA Asia Institute

Car-free day creates traffic jams in European capitals (Agence France-Presse)- TerraDaily

Organizers of car-free day say everybody auto do it: ...the idea has been slow to catch on in this car-obsessed country.- San Francisco Chronicle

Flying cars swoop to the rescue: As motorways become more and more clogged up with traffic, a new generation of flying cars will be needed to ferry people along skyways. [image]- BBC News

Architect forced to cut staff numbers: During the summer 25 people left Alsop Architects, 14 going in the last week...hopes to announce commissions in Canada, China and Singapore soon.- Guardian (UK)

"My children will realise how important this building is": The children of Enric Miralles will see the results of their late father's labours at Holyrood for the first time next month...- The Herald (UK)

Watkins Hamilton Ross Architects (WHR) Tradewell Fellowship Program call for applications; deadline: January 31, 2005- WHR

SmartCode Workshop: Live, Work, Play Grapples with the Inflexibility of Conventional Zoning in Fort Worth, TX, October 27-30. Planners and developers convene to discuss promising new solutions - Andres Duany- PlaceMakers

Hanley Wood Launches Symposium: Reinvention 2004: The Next American House, in Los Angeles, December 6-8.- Market Wire

Super Danish: Forget Hans Christian Andersen, there is a new face to Denmark and we get to see it over next two months. By Christopher Hume - PLOT; NORD; Mau- Toronto Star

Big, brainy blue-skying: The newly minted SuperDanish would seem to be a contradiction in terms.- Globe and Mail (Canada)

Lebbeus Woods's fascinating work at the Heinz Architectural Center at the Carnegie Museum of Art [images]- Carnegie Pulse

Metamorphosis and Transcending Hype: Observations from the Field: The Venice Biennale offers a message of optimism and exuberant anticipation for architecture in a post-9/11 world -- for the most part. By Margaret Helfand, FAIA [images]- ArchNewsNow


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