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Today's News - August 31, 2004

A handful of Canadian entrepreneurs are developing innovative environmental technologies - but not without struggle. -- Trees: the ultimate urban multi-taskers. -- Bold designs for Beijing Olympics - and bold plans to send seeds into space for mutant plantings around the city (perhaps bold is not the right word). -- Universal design (finally) catching on with builders. -- Two urban projects in Portland that could use a little more daring. -- A new home for London Stock Exchange. -- Prouvé's 1947 prefab rescued from the jungle. -- New NASA science center ready for take-off. -- Holyrood (again): positive words from Miralles's widow, the project architect, and the landscape architect. -- Bitter words (no, actually nasty words) from a journalist who sees the building from his office window. -- A double take on Disney Hall. -- "Potty parity" has arrived (or will arrive soon) to a stadium near you. -- Plasma screens to make an Edinburgh cemetery an "illuminating experience." -- Muschamp writes again: why Art Nouveau is in vogue (again).

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The joy of filth: Under-the-radar Canadian entrepreneurs are cleaning up a polluted planet with innovative technology. Will they clean up financially too?- Globe and Mail (Canada)

Do urban trees really help reduce pollution and clean the air? Olmsted...proclaimed that trees were the "lungs of the city"...trees are the ultimate urban multi-taskers- Environmental News Network

Let 5 million flowers bloom: Heat is still coming off the Athens Olympics, but already eyes are turning to Beijing where architects are experimenting with bold new design. - Herzog & de Meuron; PTW; Paul Andreu; Norman Foster- Sydney Morning Herald

Easy Access: Young, old benefit from home features aimed at Baby Boomers...What works well for a 4-year old works well for a 90-year old...builders are beginning to incorporate more universal design features into more new homes...- Chicago Tribune

What's the scale of our ambition? In the developing city [Portland], two new projects could raise standards with a little more daring. By Randy Gragg - SERA Architects/Mayer/Reed landscape architects; Soren Rasmussen Architects/Otak- The Oregonian

London Stock Exchange New Building Aims to Project Fresh Image: ...hasn't ditched all its old corporate symbols. - Eric Parry; Gensler- Bloomberg News

Bullet holes extra: A classic of modern design has been saved from squatters, snipers and the Congolese jungle...highly innovative modernist prefab [La Maison Tropicale] is one of the most important remnants of French colonial architecture. - Jean Prouvé (1947); Christian Enjolras; Alain Baneel- Guardian (UK)

INFINITY at NASA Stennis Space Center moves from concept to detail design - ESI Design; Stantec Architecture; Studio South- SpaceRef

'Now it’s time for me to move on': The death of Enric Miralles forced his widow to put her grief on hold while she helped make his vision a reality. As the parliament nears completion, Benedetta Tagliabue tells how she is finally laying his ghost to rest.- The Herald (Scotland)

The project architect: Holyrood Lives - John Kinsley/RMJM- The Herald (Scotland)

The landscape architect: Holyrood Lives - Kenny Fraser- The Herald (Scotland)

Dewar's Camelot is my carbuncle: I loathe the building [Holyrood]...where some see visionary lines and inspired angles I see the geometry of a madman...massively experimental, clever-clever, tricksy, fussy, risky - and I bet it dates quickly and badly.- The Scotsman (UK)

The Son Shines: Disney Hall Makes a Believer Out of the Father, Not the Critic. By Sam Hall Kaplan- LA Downtown News

Skip to the loo, ladies: Potty parity has arrived- Kansas City Star

Hi-tech plan to shed light on graves: futuristic information screens installed to let visitors know about the great and good who are laid to rest [in] Greyfriars Kirkyard in Edinburgh...a valuable "educational resource" and a more illuminating experience for tourists.- The Scotsman (UK)

The New Arcadia: A look at why art nouveau is suddenly fashionable. By Herbert Muschamp- New York Times

Modern Meets Tradition: University of Michigan Museum of Art Expansion/Restoration - Allied Works Architecture [images]- ArchNewsNow


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