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Today's News - July 26, 2004

What's yours may not be yours after all: time to re-think eminent domain laws. -- Jane Jacobs Prize winner "focuses on the kinds of infrastructure issues that are too low on the hierarchy for most architects to notice." -- Barcelona's Cultural Forum good for urban renewal or an excuse for real estate speculation? -- A Long Island town takes smart growth and public transportation seriously. -- Uncle Sam takes on "avant-garde architects and arrogant politicians." -- Political whim costing Berliners a brilliantly designed airport "threaded carefully into the city it continues - and should continue - to serve." -- Torontonians finally getting a toe-dipping waterfront park. -- Alsop considers Cloud cancellation tactics shabby behavior and rude. -- Toronto gives Gehry tsuris while two new high rises lack the "Trump-esque flair" the city's skyline craves. -- Calatrava's Dublin bridge finally goes to bid. -- Padre Pio's shrine through the eyes of Piano. -- South London school gets a radical re-make. -- A vacant Manhattan department store transforms into a museum of Tibetan art. -- Critics in awe: "My Architect" debuts in the U.K. in August. -- More about Gehry/MIT car of the future. -- Textiles that never need washing.

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Main Street vs. the Main Chance: "We are getting to a potential use of eminent domain that goes beyond what the law was intended to be..."- New York Times

How urban blights can become delights: What's important...is that planners and architects try to make sense of the built environment, not turn it into something it isn't. By Christopher Hume - John van Nostrand/architectsAlliance- Toronto Star

Barcelona Tries Cultural Forum to Encourage Urban Renewal: ...some people here have complained that the forum is a green light for property speculation...- New York Times

Freeport [NY] complex puts focus on transit: Plaza West complex of apartments, offices and stores...is something that will transform the village's downtown...very practical application of smart growth principles... - Fox & Fowle Architects- NY Newsday

Why losing Solider Field's landmark status matters: The government will react -- and strongly -- if avant-garde architects and arrogant politicians sack the nation's most extraordinary places.- Chicago Tribune

Board now, gate closing: Berlin's Tempelhof may be the ideal inner-city airport - until it's shut and left to rot, that is. By Jonathan Glancey - Ernst Sagebiel (1936)- Guardian (UK)

Bringing the beach downtown: ...HtO will finally give Torontonians a spot where they can get their feet wet in the downtown waters of Lake Ontario. By Christopher Hume - Janet Rosenberg and Associates; Claude Cormier [image]- Toronto Star

Fall from grace angers architect with waterfront vision: In an exclusive interview, Will Alsop attacks 'shabby behaviour' over Cloud project- Guardian (UK)

Gehry builds a love-hate for his home town: ...the Toronto situation [Art Gallery of Ontario/AGO] he has been drawn into would try anyone's patience.- Toronto Star

A downtown in search of high-rise attitude: Our Hogtown streetscape can use all the Trump-esque flair it can get, but The Donald's latest condo project fails to deliver - Zeidler Partnership; Darling & Downey- Globe and Mail (Canada)

[Calatrava-designed] Macken Street Bridge goes to tender [image]- Archéire

Padre Pio's Shrine, as the Architect Sees It: Renzo Piano Talks of Monumental Church in San Giovanni Rotondo [interview]- ZENIT - The World Seen From Rome

Education act: Alex de Rijke goes radical in a South London school. By Hugh Pearman - De Rijke Marsh Morgan [images]- HughPearman.com (UK)

Karma? Top Floor, Next to Shoes: Rubin Museum of Art...$60 million has transformed a decommissioned temple of haute consumerism into an elegant, multihued jewel of a museum - Beyer Blinder Belle; Andrée Putman- New York Times

The man who was an island: Louis Kahn loved buildings more than he could ever love people...there is something horribly fitting in [Nathaniel Kahn's] father's less-than-gracious end. By Jonathan Glancey [images/links]- Guardian (UK)

Tell me about my father: He was 11 years old when he died - but for years Nathaniel Kahn, son of the great international architect Louis Kahn, was airbrushed out of his father's life...Here he tells Deyan Sudjic how making the film has finally reconciled him to a man he barely knew- Guardian (UK)

Gehry helps shape the car of the future- Financial Times (UK)

Washing no longer dirty work: Two Chinese scientists have...developed clothes that never get dirty...technology applied to clothing and interior textiles...- CNN


-- Exhibition: Santiago Calatrava: The Architect's Studio, Henry Art Gallery, Seattle, Washington
-- Hardy Holzman Pfeiffer Associates: Leon Levy Visitor Center, New York Botanical Garden, Bronx, NY


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