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Today's News - July 15, 2004

British and Dutch towns in for major makeovers. -- A study and view on sustainable transportation and express lanes. -- Earthquake-proof housing for El Salvador. -- Dallas shopping center's ADA non-compliance an "unintentional oversight." -- Big plans and big bucks for Brooklyn Navy Yard. -- Hardy and Holzman and Pfeiffer go their own ways. -- Steve Jobs wants to tear down "one of the biggest abominations of a house I've ever seen" by an architect he's never heard of. -- A pod-house you can take anywhere. -- A new train station is "an attractive pass-through" but could have been more. -- Moving a monument causes concern. -- Koolhaas devises an air-curtain façade for Rodeo Drive (perfect for L.A.-style air-kisses?). -- Landscape architects in the spotlight. -- New workstation lets you lay down on the job.

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Urban outfitters: One will get cafes and plazas. The other will have a pop centre and a 'Megabioscoop'...Milton Keynes and its Dutch twin Almere...what happens when a new town gets a makeover - Rick Mather Architects; Rem Koolhaas/Office for Metropolitan Architecture (OMA); Will Alsop; Kazuyo Seijima; Gigon & Guyer; Christian de Portzamparc; David Chipperfield.- Guardian (UK)

Global action is needed to make transport sustainable, says study- Environmental News Network

Op-Ed: We Can No Longer Afford to Give Away Highway Lanes to Carpools and Low-Emission Vehicles- PLANetizen

Earthquake-proof housing design gets a shake-up: Replica RIAI plaques adorn the walls of a village in El Salvador where houses are being built to resist earthquakes. - Justin Kilcullen/Trócaire- Irish Times

West Village shopping center sued over disabled access: Developer said the lack of accessibility was an unintentional oversight...committed to making appropriate repairs as soon as possible. - KSNG Architects [video link]- Dallas Morning News

City Has 5-Year Expansion Plan for [Brooklyn] Navy Yard Industrial Park: $71 million on infrastructure improvements...development is expected to cost $60 million, to be raised from investors.- New York Times

Hardy Holzman Pfeiffer Associates to be Three New Firms: End - and Beginning - of an Era- e-Oculus

In Silicon Valley, Tear-Down Interrupted: could become America's highest-profile tear-down... - George Washington Smith (1926); Julia Morgan (1912) [images]- New York Times

In the pod-house: Polish-born architect Marcin Panpuch's clear, spherical pods...being shown at the RIBA exhibit of innovative housing, Future House London. [image]- This is London (UK)

A Monument to Arriving in the Middle of Nowhere: Frank R. Lautenberg Rail Station...could have been much more than an attractive pass-through. By Fred A. Bernstein - Brennan Beer Gorman- New York Times

Alarm Grows Over Monumental Move: Designer fears that World Athletes Monument [in Atlanta] will be damaged by proposal - Anton Glikin [image]- International Network for Traditional Building, Architecture & Urbanism (INTBAU)

Capt. Koolhaas Sails the New Prada Flagship [on Rodeo Drive]: a piece of architecture whose most dramatic gesture is invisible: the building is completely lacking a storefront in the traditional sense. By Christopher Hawthorned [images]- New York Times

Softening a City With Grit and Grass: American-born landscape architect...was embraced by France, Britain and the Netherlands before her native country recognized her bold, minimalist sensibility. - Kathryn Gustafson [slide show]- New York Times

Gardens designed to inspire thought: Cornerstone Festival of Gardens near Sonoma showcases the talents of some of the world's foremost landscape designers. - Ron Lutsko; Ken Smith; Martha Schwartz; Walter Hood; Mario Schjetnan/Grupo de Diseno Urbano; Adriaan Geuze; Pamela Burton; etc.- San Francisco Chronicle

New Workstation Encourages Very Comfortable Posture: New Zealand company...believes it’s on to something that will at least please the worker...- ErgoWeb


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