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Today's News - June 17, 2004

New book includes an amusing dictionary defining sprawl. -- New tower(s) for Philadelphia: good design, but only from a distance. -- Houston takes affordable housing recommendations to heart. -- A "scientific Times Square" for Ontario Science Centre. -- New plan (again) for Toronto's Hummingbird Centre. -- Calatrava building bridges in Israel. -- Invisible walls in the offing. -- A jail that doesn't look like a jail (from the outside, anyway). -- Cornell breaks ground for Africana Center. -- Landscape architecture the new big thing in university departments. -- The knock-off wars wage on. -- MoMA furnishings will have a decidedly Danish accent.

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Defining Sprawl: From A to Z: "A Field Guide to Sprawl" by Dolores Hayden (Toad: Temporary, Obsolete, Abandoned or Derelict site; "litter on a stick" - billboards). [images]- New York Times

Changing Skyline: Cooperation would improve Meridian site: The price of building tall should be shops, theaters, offices, and other destinations accessible to all - and good architecture. By Inga Saffron - Handel Architects; Bower Lewis Thrower- Philadelphia Inquirer

Mayor backs recommendations for housing: report urging city government to help develop affordable housing through better planning, economic incentives for developers and other measures. - Roger K. Lewis- Houston Chronicle

A new face for Ontario Science Centre: Architect Jack Diamond unveils the first sweeping changes since 1969 opening...a $40-million facelift that will include a "scientific Times Square" - Diamond and Schmitt Architects- Globe and Mail (Canada)

Humming a different tune: Another plan to reinvent the Hummingbird - $100M, 50-storey proposal heads to council in July - HOK Canada [image]- Toronto Star

The builder of bridges: At this rate, it looks as though there won't be a bend in a river, an intersection or an expressway in the world without Calatrava's signature logo. By Esther Zandberg- Ha`aretz (Israel)

Inventor plans 'invisible walls': ...next project will be to develop the technology to allow people to see through walls.- BBC (UK)

Scott County building a jail that doesn’t look like a jail: DLR Group designed the $34.5 million facility with an extra set of exterior walls to make the building more attractive and compatible with other downtown Shakopee architecture, including a nearby church.- Finance and Commerce (Minneapolis/St. Paul)

Africana Center's groundbreaking celebrated with words and ritual - Shepley Bulfinch Richardson and Abbott- Cornell Chronicle

From the Ivory Tower, Lessons in the Dirt: The number of landscape architecture departments nationwide is swelling... [images]- New York Times

Just knock it off, would ya? Imitation may be the sincerest form of flattery, but when it comes to design, it can also be the most insulting form of commerce. [images]- Los Angeles Times

The Danes Rule at the Museum of Modern Art: ...a triumph of trade policy and product placement. [images]- New York Times

Metaphors for Motion: University of Connecticut Farmington Musculoskeletal Institute by AHSC Architects [images]- ArchNewsNow

-- Officially opened: Daniel Libeskind: Danish Jewish Museum, Copenhagen
-- Under Construction: Gehry Partners: MARTa Herford, Herford, Germany
-- Winner Young Architects Program: nARCHITECTS: Canopy, MoMA/P.S.1, New York City
-- Newly opened: Radisson SAS Hotel, Berlin
- ArcSpace


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