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Today's News - May 11, 2004

An exhibition of unbuilt architecture offers "an alternative world, a parallel universe of fruitful possibilities." - Lessons (not just for Scotland) from Holyrood: "Plan longer, build quicker." -- Riverfront plans take on a life of their own. -- Tents are not just for camping anymore (chandeliers included). -- Emergency housing design not up to snuff - and read on: the architect may be censured for criticizing a fellow architect. -- A new icon for Los Angeles (with too many parking spots?). -- Ottawa's forgotten urban gem. -- "Skateboard parks are a new way of seeing the landscape and an important way of understanding today's suburban landscape." -- Starck takes on 23 Wall Street. -- Stern does Dallas. -- Help wanted: Good news for architecture graduates in Hong Kong. -- Model Modernist homes worth a visit in Stuttgart (link to great website, too). -- Marketing architectural services as a "contact sport." -- Interview with a founder of the Congress for the New Urbanism.

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Fantasy Architecture: the seductive lure of the unbuilt. By Hugh Pearman [images]- HughPearman.com (UK)

Vital lessons Scotland must learn from the Holyrood fiasco: "Plan longer, build quicker." - Enric Miralles- The Scotsman (UK)

Bid to save Holyrood cash 'refused': Enric Miralles turned down proposals to save money by simplifying the shapes he used in the design of the new Scottish Parliament.- The Scotsman (UK)

Office boom transforms plans for Riverfront: The Christina [River] waterfront's rapidly changing face - Frank Furness [images]- Delaware News Journal

Tent structures often go up for good: Schools, churches and even prisons are choosing tents over buildings...because they are cheaper and quicker to erect. - Todd Dalland/FTL (AP)- MichiganLive

FutureShack: As an architectural object...clever and smart, but as an emergency solution for the desperately needy in the world, it is ill-considered and unsustainable. By Norman Day - Sean Godsell [images]- The Age (Australia)

The Civic Center's Traffic Stopper: No Matter What Your Opinion, Caltrans [headquarters] Commands a Second Look. By Sam Hall Kaplan - Thom Mayne/Morphosis [image]- LA Downtown News

Ottawa's forgotten Garden of the Provinces: Created in the 1960s, this often overlooked urban gem is still a work of artistry and breathtaking vistas. - Don Graham; Lemay Dorval Fortin Doyle and Associates; John Zvonar [images]- Ottawa Citizen (Canada)

Creative adaptation makes skateboard parks sing: Sidewalk surfing generates unique architecture. - INDIGO/Hammond & Playle Architects; Wormhoudt- Mercury News (California)

Condos, Not Roll-Tops, on Finance's Holiest Corner: 23 Wall Street - By David W. Dunlap - Philippe Starck; Ismael Leyva- New York Times

Ritz-Carlton, Dallas To Open 2007...21-Story 216-room Building Featuring 70 Luxury Residences - Robert A.M. Stern; HKS; Hayslip Design Associates; KM+P Architects; Frank Nicholson- Hospitality Net

Firms to hire more graduates...brought about by the turnaround in the property market.- The Standard (Hong Kong)

Model Homes from the Modernist Movement: Some of the greatest masters of modern architecture are behind the Weissenhof Settlement in Stuttgart...well worth a visit. - Walter Gropius; Ludwig Mies van der Rohe; Hans Scharoun; Le Corbusier; etc. [image & link to images]- Deutsche Welle (Germany)

Marketing consultant says business development is a "contact sport" - Randle Pollock/Society for Marketing Professional Services (SMPS)- Finance and Commerce (Minneapolis/St. Paul)

Readers Interview Stefanos Polyzoides: ...true objectives of the Congress for the New Urbanism Charter and candid views about the promises and frustrations of today's development environment. - Moule & Polyzoides- PLANetizen


-- Winning team: Inside Outside Group/Michael Maltzan Architects/Mirko Zardini: Biblioteca degli Alberi, Giardini di Porta Nuova, Milan
-- Ville Hara: HUT Wood Studio Workshop, Korkeasaari Lookout Tower, Helsinki Zoo, Finland


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