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Today's News - January 7, 2004

9/11 memorial design selected: "newly minted star architect" teams with veteran landscape architect - revised version to be released next week. -- Freedom Tower and prayer wheels. -- Huxtable comes down hard on preservationists. -- Coney Island seeks development proposals. -- ECO Bell community "a living demonstration model of ways to increase urban density while positively contributing to increasing the quality of life." -- A study confirms neighborhood safety linked to fewer "broken windows" and more neighborly activities. -- Affordable housing lures (and keeps) faculty. -- A future for shipping containers: thinking outside the box. -- A small city redefines itself. -- Mayors who redefined their cityscapes. -- Sydney theater is a scene-stealer. -- Glasgow School of Art is full of "wonderful quirky spaces," but it leaks and has a pigeon problem. -- The two sides of Koolhaas. -- An Australian leaves the big city to specialize in bush communities. -- Theme restaurants long before Hard Rock.

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Memorial to 9/11 Victims Is Selected: "Reflecting Absence" by Michael Arad and landscape architect Peter Walker- New York Times

9/11 Memorial Design Selected: Victims' Families, Others Criticize Reflecting Pool Plan as Unfitting...Landscape design architect Peter Walker has been added to the team. - Michael Arad- Washington Post

Contest Win "Reflects" Well on City Worker: ...newly minted star architect Michael Arad...created the winning Ground Zero memorial design while holding down his day job with the city Housing Authority.- New York Post

Wind and a Prayer: Freedom Tower Engineer Wants Turbines To Double as Prayer Wheels- Village Voice (NYC)

The Lollipop Building: The best way to preserve 2 Columbus Circle? A makeover. By Ada Louise Huxtable - Edward Durell Stone; Brad Cloepfil/Allied Works Architecture; David Childs/Skidmore, Owings & Merrill- Wall Street Journal

Proposals sought for Coney Island plan: Proposals are due on Jan. 29- Crain's New York

Ecopsychology Students and Staff Establish a Sustainable Urban Intentional Community Rooted in Nature-Connected Learning Relationships.- Environmental News Network

On Crime as Science (a Neighbor at a Time): ...cities that sow community gardens...may reap a harvest of not only kale and tomatoes, but safer neighborhoods and healthier children.- New York Times

Affordable Homes Earn High Marks at Cal State: Many campuses are offering below-market houses and rentals as a way to attract and keep qualified faculty and staff. (via College Town News)- Los Angeles Times

The journey from box to house: ...shipping containers...as stackable living units; as modular, low-cost homes or shelters... - Mark Strauss/Fox & Fowle Architects- Christian Science Monitor

A Onetime Industrial Field Now Sprouting Storefronts: $400 million Bay Street Emeryville...a striking example of the efforts of small city...to redefine itself. - Jerde Partnership International; Charles Group International; David L. Hoffman; SB Architects- New York Times

The Mayor's Legacy: Willie Brown: For better and worse, cityscape reveals monuments to Brown era. By John King- San Francisco Chronicle

Mayor's legacy success, scandal: Milwaukee leader [John Norquist] boosted building: taking a job as president and chief executive officer at the Congress for the New Urbanism in Chicago. (AP)- Chicago Tribune

Scene stealer: The new Sydney Theatre opens - at last - at Walsh Bay on Saturday. It may not be perfect but it's pretty damn wonderful. By Elizabeth Farrelly - Andrew Andersons/PTW architects [image]- Sydney Morning Herald

Fears for school of art by Charles Rennie Mackintosh- The Herald (Scotland)

Onwards and upwards for Rem Koolhaas: another prize, and building big in China. By Hugh Pearman [images]- HughPearman.com (UK)

Eternally refreshed by remote grandeur: John Bedford...a leading figure in Adelaide planning, design and architecture circles...after life at Hassell's..."There are other realities and constructs. I'd like to specialise in bush communities."- The Australian

Before there was Hard Rock ... In the 1920s, L.A. was on the cutting edge of a dining trend. Dinner in a cell, anyone? Out of that hilarity sprang what is now the theme restaurant.- Los Angeles Times


-- Frank O. Gehry & Associates: Bridge of Life Museum, Panama City, Panama
-- Santiago Calatrava: La Rioja, Bodegas Ysios, Laguardia, Álava, Spain
-- Romero & Schaefle Architect: Hotel Greulich, Zurich
-- Book: Bent Ply: The Art of Plywood Furniture by Dung Ngo and Eric Pfeiffer; Princeton Architectural Press


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