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Today's News - October 3, 2003

At least one historic building will survive Lower Manhattan's rebuilding. -- Students think outside the box for neighborhood revitalization (but will the town board take them up on it?). -- Architects' environmental responsibilities. -- One architect's commitment to social responsibility. -- Hadid's Taichung Guggenheim a probable "go." -- Gehry asked to repeat his Guggenheim effect for Dundee. -- Stadium's fate debate: landmark or eyesore? -- Four teams duking it out for town hall in east London. -- Wanted: "big name architect" to bring bullet-riddled hotel back to life. -- Craftsmen from India will have a hand in Minneapolis Hindu temple. -- U.K. "crap map" a hot-seller. -- Leadership transition 12 years in the making. -- Book: "…cartwheeling account of how Rock Center came together is indispensable for anyone looking for reason to believe - and who isn't? - that we can pull off the same miracle where the World Trade Center stood." -- Book: Disney Hall dissected.

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M.T.A. to Include 19th Century Building in Downtown Transit Hub - Francis H. Kimball; Nicholas Grimshaw & Partners- New York Times

Architecture students offer colorful ideas for Cobb Field: Nobody is likely to accuse group...of being afraid to think outside the box.- Billings Gazette (Montana)

Architects could play a major role in saving energy: "the American architectural community has the unique opportunity to lead the way..." - Lora Lucero; Ed Mazria- Albuquerque Tribune

Fire in the belly of an architect: "I didn't want to work on any more office buildings ... they weren't doing anything for people in the street." - Col James/Housing Research Centre- Sydney Morning Herald

Final funding for Taichung museum to be approved - Zaha Hadid; Frank Gehry; Jean Nouvel- Taipei Times

Gehry asked to design a Guggenheim on the Tay: Dundee's city fathers ask star architect to work on centrepiece for their multimillion-pound regeneration plans. - EDAW- Building (UK)

The question is: Renovate or eliminate?: Memorial Coliseum, designed by Richard Colley...one of the city's most versatile public gathering spaces during its 50-year life...could face the wrecking ball.- Corpus Christi Caller-Times (Texas)

Four fight it out for Tower Hamlets town hall - Alsop Architects; MJP Architects; Penoyre & Prasad; Broadway Malyan- Building (UK)

Holiday Inn ruin to regain former glory: Bullet-riddled structure projected to get $100 million makeover ...plans to hire “a big name” for the architectural concept- Daily Star (Lebanon)

New Maple Grove temple is high point for Hindus - Leo A Daly [image]- Minneapolis Star Tribune

Hull heads list in bestselling 'crap map' of UK: Pocket-sized guide lays into worst places to live- Guardian (UK)

Williams-Trebilcock-Whitehead plans its succession -- for 12 years- Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

Book Review: "Great Fortune": America's Town Square: Rockefeller Center is one of the world's most elegant places. How it got that way wasn't pretty- Time magazine

Book Review: "Symphony: Frank Gehry's Walt Disney Concert Hall": Victory at Bunker Hill- New York Review of Books

Survival of the Fittest: Efficient and effective support staff adds dollars to your bottom line.- ArchNewsNow


- Inauguration: Frank O. Gehry: Maggie's Centre, Dundee, Scotland
- Construction start: Diller + Scofido: Quadrant House, Phoenix, Arizona
- The Camera: Photo Essay by Gerald Zugmann: The Brion Tomb by Carlo Scarpa
- Exhibition: Schindler's Paradise: Architectural Resistance, MAK Center, Los Angeles


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