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Today's News - October 1, 2003

More sparkling starchitects attached to Ground Zero. -- Urban sprawl vs. smart growth. -- Pioneering prefab: a new wave of affordable homes (but what will they look like?). -- A scary trend: government claiming private property to give to private developers (will our house be next?); in Scotland, it's an architect wanting to demolish. -- On a more positive note: clients as unsung heroes. -- Chicago's Soldier Field a lesson in what not to do in LA. -- Brooklyn and Baltimore use culture (and the same architect) for urban renewal. -- A university building that "says not only 'stay the course,' but also when in doubt, play it safe'." -- Koolhaas loves Chicago. -- Green office a model of inspiration. -- Rolex mentor program winds up as a success.

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The Roster of Ground Zero Architects Grows - Norman Foster; Nouvel; Fumihiko Maki; Daniel Libeskind; David M. Childs and T. J. Gottesdiener/SOM; Santiago Calatrava; DMJM & Harris; STV Group- New York Times

The man at Ground Zero - Daniel Libeskind- Jerusalem Post

Suburbia and Its Discontents: Notes from the Sprawl Debate,- Harvard Design Magazine

1,600 new homes for key workers: ...pioneer a new wave of affordable homes...prefabricated techniques will be used to fast-track the building...- Guardian (UK)

Eminent Domain: Cities across the country have been using eminent domain to force people off their land, so that private developers can build more expensive homes and offices...- CBS News

You can't build 32 luxury flats next to my A-listed house: battling a multi-million pound plan to demolish his home and replace it with 32 flats. - Young and Gault [images]- Evening Times (Scotland)

Architecture: Recognising the unsung heroes: a survey...of the nation's best clients, voted for by architects. - By Edwin Heathcote- Financial Times (UK)

Soldier of misfortune: Renovated stadium in Chicago stands as example for L.A. to avoid - Wood + Zapata; Dirk Lohan- Los Angeles Daily News

BAM [Brooklyn Academy of Music] could be a role model for urban renewal: ...architect also is overseeing the renovation of Baltimore's Hippodrome Theatre... - Hardy Holzman Pfeiffer Associates- Baltimore Sun

John Carroll Univerisity gets a science building that's by the book: Dolan Center...is a catalog of familiar devices...Brick, beige, predictable... By Steven Litt - Collins Gordon and Bostwick- Cleveland Plain Dealer

IIT architect would love encore: Rem Koolhaas revealed one of his most unfulfilled desires: to design a high-rise in Chicago.- Chicago Sun-Times

Strange steel structure at new IIT building - Rem Koolhaas [video]- ABC News Chciago

Green office is model solution - Carlson + Partners- Sarasota Herald-Tribune

A Year With a Mentor. Now Comes the Test. - Alvaro Siza; Sahel Al-Hiyari- New York Times

Survival of the Fittest: Efficient and effective support staff adds dollars to your bottom line.- ArchNewsNow


- Inauguration: Frank O. Gehry: Maggie's Centre, Dundee, Scotland
- Construction start: Diller + Scofido: Quadrant House, Phoenix, Arizona
- The Camera: Photo Essay by Gerald Zugmann: The Brion Tomb by Carlo Scarpa
- Exhibition: Schindler's Paradise: Architectural Resistance, MAK Center, Los Angeles


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