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Today's News - July 30, 2003

2008 Olympics: first the "bird's nest" stadium, now a "Watercube" swim center (worth a trip to www.ptw.com.au to see renderings). -- An African-American cultural center in Pittsburgh designed by an African-American (and female!) architect (a ground-breaking event before the groundbreaking). -- Japan takes solar power seriously. -- In India, it's build-build-build, with not much attention to (or budgets for) preservation or cutting-edge architectural software (a touch of irony?). -- The state of architecture in Chicago, and the city's flower-power mayor. -- Columbia University expanding its real estate horizons. -- Lessons to be learned: "if planners can't even recognise a patently vile shopping centre when they see one, how can they possibly assess the merits and demerits of school design?" -- Thames Gateway: "mini-Canary Wharfs" or "new housing gulags…isolated, boring, and a nesting ground for future disaffected teenagers." -- The Bilbao effect works for Bard opera set - but "the building that houses it is more interesting than what's on stage." -- Faux-Frey and faux-Deco replace the real things in California and Delaware. -- Two iconoclasts make their marks.

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Australian companies win role in 2008 Olympics: a futuristic $US100 million ($150 million) swimming centre 'Watercube' - PTW; Ove Arup; China State Construction Engineering Corp- Sydney Morning Herald

Design unveiled for African-American Cultural Center: largest and most important commission ever in Western Pennsylvania for a black female architect. By Patricia Lowry - Allison G. Williams/Ai [image]- Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

With Sun on Roof, More Yen in the Pocket: Japan has become the world's largest market for solar energy- New York Times

New Masterplan: Build, build, build...taller buildings. ‘‘Delhi will be ruined”.- Indian Express (Bombay)

Conservation Low On National Agenda; Tech On Backburner: using IT tools in the conservation process is not common in India- Financial Express (India)

Interview: ‘The Role Of Infotech In Indian Conservation Projects Minimal’ Abha Narain Lambah, a leading conservation architect- Financial Express (India)

The State of Architecture in Chicago with Blair Kamin/Chicago Tribune and Ned Cramer/Chicago Architecture Foundation: comments from Helmut Jahn, Donna Robertson, Brad Lynch, Doug Garofalo, Partricia Saldana-Natke, John Vinci, and Stanley Tigerman- Chicago Public Radio

The Greening of Chicago: The City Beautiful movement is flourishing where it was born in 1893. In Chicago, Mayor Daley says, ‘Flowers calm people down’- Newsweek

Feeling Squeezed, Columbia Is Amassing Land for a New Campus- New York Times

Top of its class: Heartened by an innovatively designed new primary school in London, Jay Merrick wonders why it can't serve as a model of its type - Allford Hall Monaghan Morris- Independent (UK)

London's big push east for 120,000 homes: Thames gateway corridor to include new growth zones, described by one key developer as "mini-Canary Wharfs"- Guardian (UK)

Taking the yellow-brick road to subtopia: Thames Gateway...new housing gulags...cynically designed and unimaginatively built. By Jonathan Glancey- Guardian (UK)

Betting on the Bilbao effect: Everyone's trying to capture the tourist eye with the lure of a Frank Gehry building...Bard's intent was probably purer than the many cities around the world By Simon Houpt- Globe and Mail (Canada)

Faux-Frey: A supermarket designed in the style of the famous architect opens on the site where one of his works was torn down [images]- Press-Enterprise (California)

Landmark Cadillac dealership to get a contemporary facelift: For art historians...it's a sad day. - Massena and du Pont; Buck Simpers Architect + Associates [images]- The News Journal (Delaware)

Pattern Recognition: ''The Nature of Order'' ...Christopher Alexander, an architect...is something of a prophet without honor in his own profession.- New York Times

Life ahead of the curve: The world is finally catching on to iconoclastic architect Dan Liebermann's way of building [images]- San Francisco Chronicle

Tradition and Innovation in Sustainable Design: EHDD Architecture: The legacy of Joseph Esherick- ArchNewsNow


- Schmidt, Hammer & Lassen: Summer House, Jutland, Denmark
- Saunders & Wilhelmsen Arkitektur AS: Three Summer Houses: Åland, Finland; Hardanger Fjord, Norway; Rysedalsvika, Norway
- Books: Scandinavian Living By Magnus Englund; Scandinavian Design By Charlotte Fiell & Peter Fiell


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