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Today's News - July 22, 2003

We lose a respected architect and teacher. -- WTC site lines: not only about what the Freedom Tower should look like, but now it's where it should stand. -- Good news for affordable housing in Lower Manhattan. -- Arts groups stake their claims (they hope). -- Street furniture program to include public toilets (and lots of advertising). -- A call to integrate air/rail transportation system. -- Rebuilding a decaying town holds possible key for others in the same straights. -- Town of Lost Rabbit designed for people (what a concept!). -- Hope for Toronto's Downsville Park seen in Manhattan's Battery City success. -- Notable dwellings being developed for Sydney city dwellers. -- A retirement village with something for everyone. -- Museums as amusement parks. -- Rediscovering a splendid old building in Washington, DC. -- A "peculiarly Canadian" combination of performing arts hall and hokey star hall of fame. -- A modern addition for a stately castle. -- High Line fate looks promising, but is still up in the air. -- Structural engineers: how bond with your architects and contractors. -- Honoring a lost Wright masterpiece.

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Obituary: Imre Halasz, 77, architect and longtime MIT teacher- Boston Globe

Tower site fine as is, gov says: there would have to be a "compelling reason" to tinker with Libeskind's plan.- NY Daily News

Apartments Planned Downtown for Moderate-Income Families: "the real social glue of our communities."- New York Times

Arts groups line up for WTC site: All types, sizes hurry proposals for cultural center; confusion over LMDC's wants- Crain's New York

City Finally Proclaims Deal for [20] Public Toilets: "street furniture" bill calls for...a franchise to a single company to design, install and maintain as many as 4,000 street structures...- New York Times

Op-Ed: Building A More Integrated Transportation Network: would be a real economic stimulus and increase mobility and security.- PLANetizen

Rebirth for decaying 1950s new town: Bracknell centre to be torn down and redeveloped...500m project...being watched by...Britain's 28 other new towns...reaching the point of no return.- Guardian (UK)

'A lot of choices for people' built in: Town of Lost Rabbit...259-acre development...different from the standard subdivision is the variety of land uses. - Duany Plater-Zyberk and Co.- Clarion-Ledger (Mississippi)

Who will save Downsview Park? For those who dismiss the idea because it's too expensive, Tony Coombes would remind them of Battery Park. By Christopher Hume- Toronto Star

Bold and glassy - Sydney living's brave new face - HPA; Johannsen & Associates- Sydney Morning Herald

$50M retirement village planned: Longhorn Village expected to cover 50 to 60 acres in the Steiner Ranch master-planned community - Rees Architects- Austin Business Journal (Texas)

Once they were called museums. Now they're more like amusement parks...Make it splash. Make it sizzle. Make it fun.- San Fancisco Chronicle

Naked Splendor: Old Patent Office designed by dueling geniuses, then buried under 100 years of misguided "improvements."...being stripped to magnificent arches and Civil War graffiti. By Benjamin Forgey - Hartman-Cox Architects- Washington Post

Hall gives Parry Sound new meaning: facility housing, in a peculiarly Canadian way, both the Charles W. Stockey Festival Performance Hall and the Bobby Orr Hockey Hall of Fame. - Keith Loffler Architect; ZAS Architects; ARTEC- Toronto Star

A building 'of its time': environmentally-friendly visitor centre at Caerphilly Castle - Davies Sutton Architecture [image]- icWales

Up in the Air: Before downtown preservationists set their sights on it, the High Line was an abandoned elevated freight track on Manhattan's West Side. Now, planners say its fate is.- New York Newsday

Structural Engineers Try to Boost Quality: Book on 'coordination and completeness' of drawings...also offers advice on ways to strengthen relationships...especially [with] architects and contractors.- Engineering News-Record (ENR)

Third Larkin expo will commemorate Wright's commercial masterpiece...razed in 1950.- Buffalo News

Tradition and Innovation in Sustainable Design: EHDD Architecture: The legacy of Joseph Esherick- ArchNewsNow

Saved or Destroyed? The Noguchi Room at Keio University, Tokyo [images]- ArchNewsNow


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