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Today's News - July 3, 2003

Editor's note: We will be celebrating Independence Day (U.S.) tomorrow…the newsletter will return to your mailboxes on Monday, July 7.

It's a good news/bad news kind of day for sustainability, sprawl, and smart growth. -- Prefab housing and mobile AIDS units. -- IDSA/Business Week Industrial Design Awards. -- In Ireland: The community part of the planning process at Spencer Dock, and proposals sought for Dun Laoghaire harbor. -- Ugly Athens or artistic prototype? -- Research will connect the brain and built environment. -- Praemium Imperiale award to Koolhaas. -- A new home for NYC Seaport museum. -- NYC architecture is the stage for Lincoln Center Summer Festival production (walking shoes not included). -- Top-of-the-line retail lined up for vertical mall on Columbus Circle. -- An opera house reborn in Seattle. -- Alternative visions for Schindler House property.

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Enhancing Sustainability Through 'Nature's Services': USC Sustainable Cities Program investigates ...natural systems that...can offer cost-effective, environmentally sustainable substitutes for conventional urban infrastructure.- Urban Land Institute/Los Angeles

University beats the heat: develop a system that complements contemporary Australian housing design while providing a practical and affordable alternative to fossil fuel dependent heating systems- Infolink (Australia)

No War For Oil? Forget about it in sprawl-dominant culture...we will look back on suburbia...the greatest misallocation of resources in the history of the world. By James Kunstler- Michigan Land Use Institute

Op-Ed: Smart Growth Dream Will Give You Nightmares: Smart Growth advocates' vision of the future of urban development is more like a nightmare for the average citizen.- PLANetizen

Designs for living: Prefab house contest, AIDS clinic designs reinforce the role of mobility in creating human shelter - Resolution: 4 Architecture; Architecture for Humanity [images]- San Fancisco Chronicle

New IDEAs: Leaner, Greener: Industrial Design Excellence Awards. By Linda Hales- Washington Post

All part of the plan at Spencer Dock: Treasury Holdings is opening new ground by including local residents in the planning process - John Thompson and Partners- Irish Times (via Archeire.com)

Landmark plan for Dun Laoghaire harbour: proposals are being sought for the development of a landmark new waterside complex...Deadline for outline proposals October 1. Consultants: Shaffrey & Associates; Fergal MacCabe & Partners- Irish Independent

Ugly Athens? Architects look at the rapidly changing face of the Greek capital...some say [it] is an artistic prototype for the future.- Greece Now

2003 Latrobe Fellowship Awarded to the AIA's Academy of Neuroscience for Architecture: $100,000 Research Grant Will Fund Unprecedented Studies of the Brain's Response to the Built Environment- American Institute of Architects (AIA)

Japan's Praemium Imperiale award winners include Rem Koolhaas- Japan Today

At Museum's New Home, Old Seaport Walls Speak - Beyer Blinder Belle- New York Times

Theater That Uses the City as a Stage: "The Angel Project" - "Where other forms use words, we directly use architecture."- New York Times

Can Vertical Retail Succeed in New York? AOL Time Warner Center nears completion...Some 90% of the 500,000 sq. ft. space has been preleased to top-line shops and restaurants...- National Real Estate Investor

McCaw Hall: a house reborn: The former Opera House is transformed into a striking performance hall for opera, ballet. - LMN; Sussman/Prejza and Co.; Leni Schwendinger Light Projects [images]- Seattle Times

Land parcel becomes a blank canvas: alternative visions for a property adjacent to the historic Schindler House in West Hollywood. - MAK Center for Art and Architecture; Odile Decq + Benoît Cornette; Peter Eisenman; Zaha Hadid Architects- Los Angeles Times

Commerce Design Montréal 2003: An awards initiative rewards all in a unique public/private collaboration between a city and its professional design and business community. [images]- ArchNewsNow


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