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Today's News - June 24, 2003

Accessible design: Graves learns the hard way; not included in two Calatrava bridges. -- No mall for the Taj Mahal. -- Up to three changes/hour at Holyrood. -- Tokyo's towering ambitions and Buffalo's ambitious land grab. -- No cookie-cutter schools in Cincinnati's $1 billion program. -- A look at architecture in Wales. -- A green roof in Baltimore. -- University building inspires wonderment. -- Holl takes on a waterfront. -- Tschumi addresses Athens. -- Probable uphill battle for Magadome project in the Philippines. -- Working with Utzon (scroll down for interview). -- Young architects creating architectural history (lots of pictures!). -- Ito takes on Glasgow. -- Mississippi landmark rising. -- On being Ms. Prada (and working with starchitects).

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Accessible design should be a given: If more architects were disabled, it's a good bet that our buildings and bridges would be more accessible. By Whitney Gould - Michael Graves; Santiago Calatrava- Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

£22m Taj Mahal tourist complex called off: Construction halted by the Indian government- Guardian (UK)

Holyrood's 545 design changes a month- The Scotsman (UK)

Vertical Shift: Towering ambitions destined to bring Tokyo to new highs and lows- Asahi Shimbun (Japan)

'Quest for new greatness' disintegrates into land grab: Buffalo is a city that rightly prides itself on its architectural heritage [but]...- Buffalo News

Cincinnati Public Schools unveils two new designs: Buildings a departure from that cookie-cutter mold of old - Burgess and Niple; BHDP Architecture- Cincinnati Enquirer

Moulding our personal space: Penarth-based architect Chris Loyn views are on architecture and how it is developing in Wales- icWales

Environment is top priority: Workforce Development Center roof to be a home for plants - Alexander Design Studio; McLain Associates- Baltimore Sun

Emotional grand opening for First Nations university: ...crowd grasping for superlatives - Douglas Cardinal [image]- Canada.com

Marina’s architect known for innovation: Steven Holl has taken on a new challenge with Solidere waterfront- Daily Star (Lebanon)

Museum with a view: New Acropolis Museum architect Bernard Tschumi speaks about his Parthenon 'glass house' [images]- Greece Now

Designing the Megadome: getting it built will be an uphill battle - Alexius Medalla- SunStar (Philippines)

Sydney Opera House architect wins major international award: ...what it was like working with the audacious and innovative Danish architect [interview] - Jørn Utzon; Bill Wheatland- World Socialist Web Site

Design without constraint: A group of young architects is trying to write a new chapter to the region's architectural history. [images]- Sarasota Herald-Tribune

Design guru to work in Glasgow: Toyo Ito commissioned to design the new £90 million Selfridges’ store- The Scotsman (UK)

Landmark rising: Ohr-O'Keefe Museum...will soon arise amid the age-old oak trees on the Mississippi coast. - Frank Gehry- The Times-Picayune

Being Miuccia [Prada] - Rem Koolhaas; Herzog & de Meuron- Financial Times (UK)


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