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Today's News - June 16, 2003

Ethics and architecture: important lessons. -- The director and CEO of the Royal Ontario Museum looks at cities' DNA (and some interesting mutations). -- A Disneyland/Times Square for Chicago? -- Prada and the "Picasso and Braque of contemporary architecture" (the "relationship between [Herzog and Koolhaas] is becoming more like that between Godzilla and King Kong". -- Smart money will be with smart growth. -- Denver creates an urban village. -- San Francisco and Vancouver: a two-parter compares skylines and urban challenges. -- Ugly architecture a blight for Sydney; bad design a blight on TV. -- Mansions at center of neighborhood revival in Toronto. -- Gehry reclaims his Canadian-ness. -- Nothing "pokey and dreary" about two historic homes in the UK. -- SunCity in the final stretch. -- Not a lot of cheering for Chicago's renovated Soldier Field. -- A critic is criticized.

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From disasters of the past, professionals learn to build the future: Citicorp, Hyatt cases inform codes of ethics...at symposium on disasters in architecture and the ethics of architects. By Robert Campbell- Boston Globe

When it comes to architecture, to thine own city be true: Cities have their DNA, like men and worms do. By William Thorsell - Daniel Libeskind- Globe and Mail (Canada)

Block 37 seen as commerce, travel center: "...like Union Station, Disneyland and Times Square all combined..."- Chicago Sun-Times

The shop of things to come: Herzog and de Meuron's new Prada store in Tokyo marks a groundbreaking style of building. By Deyan Sudjic- Observer (UK)

The Smart Money Is On Smart Growth (via The Hartford Courant)- Brookings Institute

Designs on a Great Village: A 65-acre abandoned downtown railyard...being rapidly transformed into a vibrant new inner-city neighborhood... - Design Workshop- Denver Post

A New Skyline on Rincon Hill: Proposed high-rises would vastly change S.F.'s southern horizon> By John King (1st of 2 parts) - Heller-Manus Architects [images]- San Francisco Chronicle

Graceful Growth in Vancouver: This Canadian waterfront has done what San Francisco only talks about... By John King (2nd of 2 parts) [images]- San Francisco Chronicle

Size does count, to architects' despair: Kellyville...Desolation row is every street in the new mass-produced suburbs. By Elizabeth Farrelly [image]- Sydney Morning Herald

Bad design costs no more: Why isn't the design and architecture culture in this country represented on television?- San Francisco Chronicle

Economic impact of arts construction- Crain's New York

If those old walls could talk ...Two old mansions lead the revival of a historic stretch of Jarvis Street - architectsAlliance; Michael Spaziani; Sheldon Rosen- National Post (Canada)

A Companion drawing on experience: ...Frank Gehry is to become a Companion of the Order of Canada...the world's most famous architect acknowledging his creative debt to his Canadian roots. By Lisa Rochon- Globe and Mail (Canada)

House rules: The way we live today could have been pokey and dreary, had it not been for two very special buildings. By Jonathan Glancey- Guardian (UK)

SunCity develops last precinct of township: teamed up with the Malaysian Institute of Architects to hold the Master Planning and Architectural Concepts competition- The Star (Malaysia)

Soldier Field Renovation Brings Out Boo-Birds - Wood & Zapata- New York Times

Letter to the Editor re: Ourossoff review of new performing arts school: An F in functionality: Whom is this building truly for? - Coop Himmelblau- Los Angeles Times


Summer Reading: Below Ground Level: Creating New Spaces for Contmeporary Architecture; Santiago Calatrava: Artworks; Architectural Guides to 20th Century Architecture; Leonardo da Vinci: The Complete Paintings and Drawings; Kas Oosterhuis: Architecture Goes Wild; Steel and Beyond: New Strategies for Metals in Architecture; Frank Lloyd Wright & Lewis Mumford: Thirty Years of Correspondence


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