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Today's News - January 7, 2003

A rare treat: (free!) access to Ada Louise Huxtable's take on WTC designs. -- Plans are also called valiant but vain. -- A plea not to rush the memorial design. -- Old vs. new in urban design: architecture as a bridge or just anti-social? -- New Urbanism is nowhere near dead. -- A national architectural policy for Canada? Not if politicians don't smarten up. -- In Washington, DC, an urban planner with substance. -- Homebuyers or guinea pigs in the hotly debated Playa Vista development. -- Energy issues addressed with programming and solar power. -- Putting down Parliament building without even taking a peek. -- Punching holes in Holl's "porosity." -- The new Winter Garden in Sheffield makes the city's cultural agenda hot. -- Will a radical Koolhaas skyscraper for CCTV "signal a new openness for the press" in China? -- Up in arms about Soldier Field revamp.

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Don't Blame the Architects: The Ground Zero redesign proposals show how skillfully and elegantly the wrong thing can be done. By Ada Louise Huxtable- Wall Street Journal

Designing a New World Trade Center: The attempt was valiant, if not vain. By Sam Hall Kaplan- KCRW.org (Los Angeles)

Great Memorials Take Time, So What's the Hurry?- NY Newsday

Op-Ed: The city's choice: replication or bridge to the new? Like Princeton -- like Toronto -- New York faces choices. By William Thorsell - Minoru Yamasaki; Frank Gehry; Demetri Porphyrios- Globe and Mail (Canada)

Avant Garde Against Humanity: The Rise and Fall of Anti-Social Architecture. By Philip Langdon- The American Enterprise

Op-Ed: New Urbanists, Perplexed, Respond To Mr. Carson: "Reports of our death are greatly exaggerated."- PLANetizen

Designing a better city: it’s time for Canadian cities to reshape themselves into “world-famous” cities...a national set of architectural policies that will guide development- Sudbury Star (Canada)

Deconstructing clever on a downtown corner: Are our municipal politicians not as smart as the average architect...- Globe and Mail (Canada)

Andrew Altman, director of the D.C. Office of Planning, Backs Urban Vision With Substance- Washington Post

Playa Vista Buyers Will Test Capability of Methane Shield: Critics call high-tech safeguards unproven.- Los Angeles Times

By design: Program helps create energy-efficient buildings- Star Tribune (Minneapolis)

Australia considers giant solar power tower: will save more than 700,000 tons of greenhouse gases a year- Environmental News Network

At least you could look: Why are our MSPs so reluctant to visit the new Parliament? Over-budget and politically poisonous...something beautiful is emerging - Enric Miralles- Observer (UK)

In a Word...Steven Holl picks one, and his Simmons Hall pays the price. By Philip Nobel- Metropolis Magazine

Underneath the arches: Milan, Naples... Sheffield? Jonathan Glancey is seduced by the city's new Winter Garden - Pringle Richards Sharratt [image]- Guardian (UK)

Rem’s Chinese Puzzle: Koolhaas invents a 21st-century skyscraper for Beijing [image]- Newsweek

An Army of Critics Assaults the Redesign of Soldier Field: A green-glass-walled structure fits inside the original stadium. The revamp has been the focus of architectural outrage and lawsuits. - Wood & Zapata Inc.- Los Angeles Times

INSIGHT: Hunkering Down While Gearing Up for the New Year- ArchNewsNow


- Competition winner: Office for Metropolitan Architecture (OMA): Central Chinese Television (CCTV) Headquarters, Beijing, China
- Opera design: Zaha Hadid: "Desire" at Helmut List-Halle, Graz, Austria
- Under construction: Michael Maltzan Architecture: Kidspace Children's Museum, Pasadena, California
- Books: Samuel Mockbee; Santiago Calatrava


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