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Today's News - January 2, 2003

Happy New Year! We start with 10 questions firm leaders should ask themselves as they move into 2003. -- Too much publicity for WTC plans; also called monstrosities; and another call to rebuild the twin towers. -- Low grades given to Tel Aviv's urban planning process. -- High grade for Chicago low-income housing makeover. -- Landscape Urbanism gaining international momentum as a university major. -- Balancing the need for barns and backyards. -- Another review of 2002. -- Architectural sparkle on a bleak Toronto street. -- Hope for Gehry's Manhattan Guggenheim? -- Harsh words fly in Florence. -- A newsmaker in Texas. -- What does your office say about you?

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INSIGHT: Hunkering Down While Gearing Up for the New Year- ArchNewsNow

Architects Criticize Ground Zero Publicity: "...these architects designing in a fish bowl"- New York Times

Postmodern Monstrosities for Downtown: The newest proposals for Ground Zero understand nothing about New York.- City Journal/The Manhattan Institute

Commentary: Rebuild the Old Twin Towers: Innovation is good. But the most fitting September 11 memorial would be to put the World Trade Center back the way was- Business Week

Here [Tel Aviv], there's no chance for architectural excellence: How is it possible to make decisions that will affect a city without presenting the plans to the public? asks Phyllis Lambert, `Montreal's Joan of Arc.'- Ha`aretz (Israel)

Out of the Ashes, Cinderella: a 50-year-old dilapidated public housing project,,,transformed into a stunning Chicago community asset - Landon Bone Baker Architects [images]- New York Times

Architect’s manifesto takes Lebanese mores to heart: Landscape Urbanism...a new major is very important for Beirut and Lebanon - Ciro Najle- Daily Star (Lebanon)

Silos vs. subdivisions: As more and more farmland is plowed under for housing developments, people wonder how to make room for both the cows and the kids.- Christian Science Monitor

First, it was the Guggenheim. What will be next? From SoHo to Sheffield, the story of 2002 has been of one grand project after another coming a cropper. By Deyan Sudjic- Observer (UK)

Tom Thomson builds a city house: Inspired by the Group of Seven, a Toronto architect has inserted
a startling home into a bleak urban street. By Lisa Rochon - Rohan Walters
- Globe and Mail (Canada)

Campus Library a Study in Contrasts: Architects design a modern structure to breathe new life into historic buildings at Cal State Channel Islands in Camarillo. - Norman Foster & Partners; Leo A Daly- Los Angeles Times

Voice of hope for N.Y. project: The Guggenheim could still pull off scrapped lower Manhattan development, says its architect, Frank Gehry.- Los Angeles Times

Florence relives medieval feud over [Uffizi art gallery] 'giant bedframe' - Arata Isozaki- Telegraph (UK)

Newsmaker of the year: Elizabeth Chu Richter/Richter Architects: Architect asks: 'What is our vision?' [images]- Corpus Christi Caller-Times (Texas)

Offices say a lot about personality: Some professionals use offices to make a personal statement [images]- Boston Globe


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