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Today's News - December 20, 2002

More takes on WTC proposals: Rybczynski: "Like a bulls in a china shop." -- NY Sun: "the process has been hijacked by architects…. without a client…disconnected from reality." -- Glancey: "too complex and clever." -- Engineering issues. -- Listening on the radio: "The architects…all seemed to be in a very high state of emotion." -- Live chat: Public participation a must.

Elsewhere in the world: Views on architecture and culture spring from "Women Who Build," an exhibition in Beirut focusing on Spanish and Lebanese women architects. -- A plea to get serious about Toronto's waterfront. -- Architecture and the "Wow" factor explored. -- Paying attention to fun and funky roadside buildings. -- Shipping containers and housing. -- Safety of Athens stadium dome called into question. -- A cathedral in Cleveland leads the city's "green" movement. -- Exhibitions for the weekend: John Hejduk, David Adler, and Venturi-Scott Brown.

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Op-Ed: They Rise, but Do They Soar? It seems to me that this latest round of designs has produced answers...to the wrong question. By Witold Rybczynski- New York Times

Editorial: Capitalism and the Architects: amid all the excitement about fantasy architecture, it is worth asking the question: who is to build these buildings, and with whose money?- New York Sun

Charismatic but a little too complex: Some of the designs seem...a little too complex and just too plain clever for their or New York's good. By Jonathan Glancey- Guardian (UK)

Rebuilding Below Ground Zero Is at Issue: a memorial below ground level could create significant challenges- New York Times

So Much Riding on a Vision: Maybe no architects ever have been asked to conjure so much.- NY Newsday

Live Chat: A Conversation About The New Plans With Rick Bell, Executive Director, AIA/New York Chapter (transcript)- Gotham Gazette

Berlin and Beirut: 2 divided cities struggle to regain their identities. Post-traumatic urban development must be more than ‘prestigious projects located in a central district’- Daily Star (Lebanon)

Culture losing its influence on architecture: Modern buildings lack local flavor - Vera Bourgi- Daily Star (Lebanon)

Opinion: Save this city: Toronto's future as a great city is threatened by incompetence, inertia and the privilege of special interests- Globe and Mail (Canada)

Age of blockbusters: A LACMA panel discussion on 'Architecture and the Wow Factor' yielded, instead, some flashes of light, accidental pleasures.- Los Angeles Times

Passing White Towers on road trip through time: Society for Commercial Archaeology has raised America's consciousness about its fun and funky roadside buildings. By Patricia Lowry- Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

From Dockyard to Your Yard: the steel shipping container may be the log cabin of the 21st century. - LOT-EK; Adam Kalkin [images]- New York Times

[Athens] Olympic Stadium Design Is Challenged - Santiago Calatrava (AP)- Star Tribune (Minneapolis)

Religious conversion: the cathedral's effort is the biggest green construction project in town. By Steven Litt - City Architecture- Cleveland Plain Dealer

Exhibition: "Sanctuaries: The Last Works of John Hejduk" A Legendary Architect's `Last Works'- New York Times

Art Institute looks at houses of David Adler: designs seem as fresh as ever. By Blair Kamin- Chicago Tribune

Venturi-Scott Brown designs look flat in Pittsburgh exhibit. By Steven Litt- Cleveland Plain Dealer

10 Titles to Inspire, Inform, and Amuse: Holiday Book Round-up- ArchNewsNow


- Zaha Hadid Architects: Bergisel Ski Jump 2002, Bergisel Mountain, Austria
- Mecanoo Architecten: St. Maria of the Angels Cemetery Chapel, Rotterdam, The Netherlands
- And our annual fundraiser: Le Corbusier's Monastery of Sainte-Marie de La Tourette, Eveux, France, needs your help


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