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Today's News - October 2, 2002

We open today with one of the most caustic attacks we have yet found on the Ground Zero shortlist (and modern architecture in general, it seems)…a must-read! -- There's much to learn about U.N. politics in its architecture in a catchy analysis from Canada. -- Three gripes about smart growth. -- Scottish developers lacking imagination waste young design talent. -- You'll need a scorecard to keep track of the changing teams on a big Baltimore project. -- Houses of mud - a solution trying to catch on. -- A call to raise the bar for homegrown architectural talent in Nigeria. -- Singapore is clamoring for great architectural icons…and much more.

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Opinion: Rebuidling Ugly: ...atrocious choices of six design teams...carry water for cultural elitists enthralled by ugliness. By Catesby Leigh- NY Post

Has the UN become as outdated as its architecture? the designing of the New York building itself amounts to an architectural fable that reveals a lot about international relations.- National Post (Canada)

Op-Ed: Smart Growth and its Discontents: Urban legends, edgeless cities, monster homes and other phenomena complicate the perception, application, and inclusion of Smart Growth. By Robert E. Lang- PLANetizen

Opinion: 'Junk' buildings culture wasting young talent: architectural deficiency lies in the poverty of imagination of the procurers of new buildings- The Scotsman

Changing horses in midstream: Hippodrome renovators replace architectural firms - Hardy Holzman Pfeiffer; Schamu Machowski Greco; Schuler and Shook; Murphy & Dittenhafer; Fisher/Dachs Associates- Baltimore Sun

Clubby Branch Offices Challenge Banking Presence in Philadelphia - Gensler; Hillier- New York Times

Down-to-earth houses: a practical and inexpensive way to solve the world's homeless problems - Nader Khalili [image]- Christian Science Monitor

How to raise the quality of Nigerian architecture By Professor Olusanya- Daily Times (Nigeria)

Conserving American character, town by town - Ed McMahon/Conservation Fund- Christian Science Monitor

Developer Seeks to Revive Streets of Downtown Anaheim: The $65-million plan would include apartments, stores and a new library around City Hall.- Los Angeles Times

Four architects and a city: Singapore will build a city from scratch on reclaimed land - Maps Design Studio; APCO Architects And Town Planners Collaborative; Akitek Tenggara; A.I.M. & Associates [images]- The Straits Times (Singapore)

This is what Singapore needs ... a world-class icon of its own: Such buildings will boost economy...But architects say regulations are standing in the way of great design- The Straits Times (Singapore)

Opinion: S'pore lacks a strong architectural scene- The Straits Times (Singapore)

A City in Transition, Dubai, United Arab Emirates, Sees Construction Boom- Hotel Online


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