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Today's News - September 16, 2002

The future of skyscrapers is still a focus. -- Overdone monuments are called into question. -- A view of the Venice Biennale calls it a "relentless exhibition of the cool, confident, detached and all but relentless machismo architecture" that will make many want to jump ship and "head for undeveloped shores." -- Liverpool isn't ready for an innovative landmark. -- Skip computer animations - day-glo orange mock-ups are showing up on building tops. -- Good news: an eco-economy, energy-efficient buildings, and universal design. -- Bad news: concrete. -- Affordable housing and a mixed-use community are on track in San Francisco. -- Big box retailers are learning how to be good neighbors. -- A new museum in Melbourne "owes its scholarship to a roughly hewn post-Gehry, pre-Libeskind aesthetic," and is worth a look. -- A law school lands in a gothic spaceship. -- Thierry W. Despont paints the stars. -- Peter Zumthor visits Alaska. -- High and faint praise for classic furniture knock-offs (a little too high and too faint for our liking…). Enjoy.

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After the Fall: New thinking to make skyscrapers safer- Scientific American

Commentary: 'Tribute in Light' Is All We Need- Los Angeles Times

Stop the clock: Giant malls, hi-tech office complexes, luxury housing: Jonathan Glancey sees the future - and worries- The Guardian (UK)

Philip Johnson and Studio Baad loose fight to save ‘innovative’ Liverpool landmark: Chavasse Park [image]- The Architects' Journal (UK)

When the City Says Show Me, It Means It: the mock-up- New York Times

The Next Revolution: The emerging eco-economy will transform society- Utne Reader

27 Energy Efficient Building Case Studies- Australian Building Energy Council

Universal Design resource issue- ArchVoices

Heat & the Porous City: ...two big problems...are linked by concrete. By Tony Fry/Team DES- Archizine (Australia)

Mission Bay's plans hit home: Conversion of rail yard on track with opening of public housing. By John King- San Francisco Chronicle

The Urban Invasion of The 'Big Box': Home Depot, Other Retailers Are Altering the Way People Shop, Live- Washington Post

Daring, whimsical and rusty: Australian Centre for Contemporary Art...an impudent assembly...an architecture of rigor and appropriate daring. - Wood Marsh; Pels Innes Neilson Kosloff [images]- The Age (Australia)

Gothic spaceship lands on west side: Nodding to tradition and embracing the future, UM Law School's new building opens - RCG Inc.; Hartman Cox Architects; SmithGroup; Graham Landscape- Baltimore Sun

An Architect Who Reaches Up to Paint the Stars - Thierry W. Despont [images]- New York Times

Buildings With Soul: Architect imagines 'sensitive containers' for everyday life - Peter Zumthor- Anchorage Daily News

Seats of convention: Is that a real designer chair or just a lookalike? [images]- The Straits Times (Singapore)


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