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Today's News - September 4, 2002

There goes the neighborhood: Suburban communities built 30-50 years ago are being bulldozed everywhere; in Fairfax, 100 homes will be replaced with 1,000 townhouses. -- New Urbanism is more than new jargon. -- "Modular home" doesn't mean a doublewide trailer home anymore, and designers and builders are taking note. -- There are big plans for affordable housing in San Jose. -- The restoration of a cathedral in Baltimore involves peeling away layers of history. -- Office space with humans in mind - what a concept! Britain's "Streets of Shame" get airplay (and a great Web site). -- A call for caution in the rush to build skyscrapers in London. -- "I Have Injected Wine and Ale in a living Dog into the Mass of Blood by a Veine, in good Quantities, till I have made him extremely drunk," wrote the young Christopher Wren in 1656 - and you thought all he did was design a cathedral. -- There are some unusual cities declared new cultural Mecca's (and a link to "How to Build a Creative City)…and much more.

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In Fairfax, High-Density Suburban Renewal: Development Seen as First of Many- Washington Post

Criticism of planned communities as social engineering unjustified: few people really understand what [New Urbanism] all about- EurekAlert

Factory-Built, With a Wealth of Options: Modular housing has come a long way- New York Times

San Jose pushes [affordable] housing program: Council to vote on $2.1 billion plan- San Francisco Chronicle

A radical rebirth: Restoring Baltimore's Basilica of the Assumption to its architect's original vision means eliminating significant parts of its history -- and re-creating others. By Edward Gunts - John G. Waite Associates; Beyer Blinder Belle- Baltimore Sun

Leighton awarded Sydney Hilton $167m refurbishment- Infolink (Australia)

A Brave New Workspace, With a Human at Its Center. By Linda Hales- Washington Post

Historic Review Commission to vote on mortuary status: In 1929...a feat of engineering prowess...moved the 8,000-ton granite building 297 feet to its present location - Frederick J. Osterling- Pittsburgh Tribune-Review

Bold new viaduct affirms faith in city's future. By Whitney Gould - Michael Brush; David Kahler [image]- Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

CABE and BBC launch search for Britain’s ‘Streets of Shame’- The Architects' Journal (UK)

Open campus designed for flexible learning: Republic Polytechnic's new $400 million Woodlands campus - DP Architects; Maki & Associates [image]- The Straits Times (Singapore)

Winston-Salem hires firm to help plan 180-acre expansion of research park - Sasaki Associates (AP)- Durham Herald (North Carolina)

MPs demand caution over clamour to build more skyscrapers in London- Independent (UK)

Getting connected: Digital River has set out some guidelines on how to design a building [with] access to fast and reliable communications services.- Sydney Morning Herald

Sir Christopher Wren - scientist. By Hugh Pearman. Review of “On a Grander Scale: the outstanding career of Sir Christopher Wren” by Lisa Jardine [images]- HughPearman.com

The World’s New Culture Meccas: look at some creative locales on the rise in the new millennium. From Marseilles and Cape Town to Tijuana and Kabul- Newsweek

Natural Resources Defense Council Santa Monica Office by Moule & Polyzoides Architects and Urbanists- ArchNewsNow


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