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Today's News - August 16, 2002

Alphabet soup: The RFQ for the WTC site won't be released by the LMDC until Monday. A call for memorial design entries will be made at a later date (in the meantime, the LMDC is asking folks to refrain from sending any more ideas until the official call - and list of requirements - is issued). In the meantime: Denise Scott Brown offers a thoughtful - and levelheaded - approach to the issues involved; an urban pundit raises a valid question: Do competitions really produce the best architecture? And a film critic pays tribute to the mythical Manhattan in movies. Lax planning and indifference to the environment part of the cause of Europe's devastating floods…gasp…could it be true? Toronto is clearing the way for a new skyscraper. It's dangerous to be a pedestrian in California. Arthur Erickson is miffed: he volunteered, but wasn't asked to consult on the refurbishment of his Roy Thomson Hall. The tide may be turning against "masionization." Singapore's New Downtown sounds ideal, but will it really happen…and much more.

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Op-Ed: Measuring Downtown's Future: ...rebuilding the site will call for developing a strong relationship between old and new... By Denise Scott Brown/Venturi, Scott Brown and Associates- New York Times

Officials to Hold Competition for Design of 9/11 Memorial: public hearing in each of the city's five boroughs over the next three weeks to gather comments on the concept and design...- New York Times

The Bilbao Effect: Public competitions for architectural commissions don't necessarily produce the best buildings By Witold Rybczynski- The Atlantic

From heaven to hell: Movies built the mythology of New York as a place where dreams come true until terrorism rewrote the script.- Sydney Morning Herald

Disaster made worse by man, Europeans say: by lax planning and environmental laws.- Globe and Mail (Canada)

McPier gets OK on plans to expand: McCormick Place $800 million design will make center lot bigger- Chicago Tribune

Look up, look way way up: application to make the city's tallest skyscraper even taller has cleared a major hurdle at Vancouver city hall - Bing Thom- CBC (Canada)

Journey into an urban heart of darkness By Jonathan Glancey- The Guardian (UK)

Study finds sprawling Calif. cities have most pedestrian deaths: ...fast-growing cities designed for drivers rather than walkers (AP)- San Diego Union-Tribune

Revamped hall a `violation' of original spirit: ...unveiling of the all-new Roy Thomson Hall is the capper to a lengthy affront. - Arthur Erickson; Kuwabara Payne McKenna Blumberg- Toronto Star

Big homes dealt low blow: Planning Commission approved the "mansionization" restrictions- Orange County Register (California)

Measure of her designs is a human dimension By Linda Hales - Ayse Birsel- International Herald Tribune

Efficient, beautiful and . . . no traffic jams: New Downtown...integrating efficient transportation, quality infrastructure and beautiful environment- The Straits Times (Singapore)

Developers upbeat on New Downtown: But analysts are worried about its impact on depressed office market- The Straits Times (Singapore)

Who What When - 8/15/02: of interest, on the boards, firm news, and people on the move- ArchNewsNow


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