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Today's News - August 13, 2002

As the World Summit for Sustainable Development draws near, the issues and challenges of urban planning are coming more and more into focus. Hopefully, Summit participants will exploring what the IHT calls an "alternative model to the one that is invading most of the inhabited world today: an unstoppable blight called urban sprawl, affecting rich and poor countries alike." The Observer looks at our love/hate affair(s) with tall buildings, and concludes: "Because as long as the sky's the limit, Babels will be built." Jim Chappell, president of the San Francisco Planning and Urban Research Association (SPUR), offers lessons to be learned from Paris. Chicago is doing its best - or at least trying - to revitalize neighborhoods. Brownfields in the UK are slowly (or quickly?) becoming affordable housing sites. Jonathan Glancey takes a look at Peter Smithson's council housing. One man's garbage is another man's castle in Earthships - homes made from trash. A Bahamian architect calls for more respect for the profession. A Washington architect has plans to turn a nuclear reactor into "an attraction to rival the likes of Los Alamos' Bradbury Science Museum or the World War II Memorial." An LA architect designs his dream house, and another creates a Wonderland from trinkets. There's not much building getting done in Kuala Lumpur since Indonesians were banned from the construction industry - but that is about to change. Tadao Ando adds his magic to an island. Ergonomics for astronauts holds lessons for earth-bound products…and much, much more.

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CHALLENGES OF DEVELOPMENT Learning to manage urban sprawl: second of five articles leading up to the World Summit for Sustainable Development- International Herald Tribune

Reach for the skies: Le Corbusier saw the limitless possibility of skyscrapers; Fritz Lang saw their potential for oppression. Now, as artists occupy Liverpool's condemned high-rises, Gaby Wood examines our obsession with tall storeys- The Observer (UK)

Paris: A city in the making: planners and urbanists see how planning is done as an ancient culture adapts to rapid economic, political and social change. By Jim Chappell- San Francisco Examiner

Near West Side Boom: Collection of neighborhoods is a microcosm of city- Chicago Tribune

Bellway unveils house building plans: 2,000 homes...all on brownfield sites- The Architects' Journal

Be It Ever So Humble: Trash Home: Earthships, a radical building design concept that uses garbage as the principal construction material, have landed... [images]- Wired

Noble folly: Peter Smithson designed some of Britain's nastiest council housing. So why would anyone let him loose on their country estate? By Jonathan Glancey- The Guardian (UK)

A New Shell for the Bowl Delayed Until at Least '04: ongoing legal battle with local preservationists delay plans - Hodgetts & Fung Design Associates- Los Angeles Times

Pushing the pencil: Speaking out on what he describes as "unappreciation" for the expertise of the average Bahamian architect... - Roston Miller/Institute of Bahamas Architects (IBA)- Nassau Guardian

Govt likely to approve Indonesian recruits for hard-hit construction sector- The Star (Malaysia)

Opinion: B Reactor heritage must be protected: sits as an icon of the Atomic Age... - Timothy A. Cowan/Yost Grube Hall Architecture- The Spokesman-Review (Washington State)

Architectural Awajishima: a sprawling outdoor complex on the other side of the island, contemplates the coexistence of nature and architecture, and therefore people - Tadao Ando- Daily Yomiuri (Japan)

Down to Earth: An urban architect builds an unconventional family home - Scott Johnson/Johnson Fain Partners [images]- Los Angeles Times

Allford Hall Monaghan Morris wins Kentish Town care centre competition- The Architects' Journal

Ergonomics for Astronauts: Although written for application to the space environment, much of the information contained in the NASA-STD-3000 can be used for human interface/engineering problems down here on earth too.- ErgoWeb

Seats of Power: Chairs are more than just a place to park our butts. They also reflect how we think.- Fast Company

Western name, urban domain: Dakota lofts' buyers 'serious urbanites,' developer predicts- Rocky Mountain News

Next Stop: Wonderland: Designer creates a whimsical world using trinkets and common items - Michael Kreski/Gensler [images]- Los Angeles Times

Teach students design principles, not CAD software- The Star (Malaysia)

Pioneering Forum Stimulates Urban Regeneration Debate: A British architect's vision...brings together key players who shape cities and towns throughout Yorkshire. - Ian Tod/Allen Tod Architecture- ArchNewsNow


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