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Today's News - July 16, 2002

The six much-anticipated proposals for downtown Manhattan will be revealed today - unfortunately, not in time for today's news (it's pretty much a given that they'll be all over the news tomorrow). In the meantime: The Irish Hunger Memorial, also downtown, opens today. Arthur Erickson tours his own Museum of Glass in Tacoma. Daniel Libeskind likens architecture to music. Green urban spaces are examined in Washington, DC and Boston for security and civility, while Dublin is planning to replace its Millennium Garden with a granite-paved public space and an office building. There's a refreshing take on designing for nursing homes. Toronto is reclaiming urban areas with hip residential projects. Sydney may allow developers to run amok with building heights. And there's an amusing British take on Forbes magazine's list of the 10 ugliest buildings in the world (8 are in the US).

(Note re: Irish Independent - the paper is going to require registration shortly (it's free). When the registration window pops up, either take the time to register, or wait a few seconds, and you will be linked to the story.)

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Memorial Park Plays Large Part in Preliminary Trade Center Plans- New York Times

Lack of terrorism insurance kills deals: MBA reports more than $8 billion in commercial property transactions lost, delayed or changed- Inman News

A Memorial Remembers the Hungry: The Irish Hunger Memorial could be New York City's equivalent of the Vietnam War Memorial in Washington - 1100 Architects; Brian Tolle; Gail Wittwer-Laird [images]- New York Times

Redesigning Our Obstacle Course: "National Capital Urban Design and Security Plan" ...prose may be bureaucratic and the sheer length intimidating, but the heart of the document is admirable: common-sensical and public-spirited.- Washington Post

Urban places of the heart: The common spaces of Boston's neighborhoods offer the best hope for a greener city- Boston Globe

Council moves to convert green space to granite: Dublin Millennium Garden [to be replaced with] five-storey office block...remaining green area will be paved over with granite slabs.- Irish Independent

Op-Ed: Don't Pick On Portland: We should not dismiss the bold planning experiment in Oregon just because it runs counter to current orthodoxies. By Dan Zack- PLANetizen

Great panes: For what may well be his last major North American project, Arthur Erickson has created a soaring tribute to the history and beauty of glass- Globe and Mail (Canada)

The walls are alive: A good building is like frozen music, says architect Daniel Libeskind- The Guardian (UK)

Old Age in Brave New Settings: Maverick Nursing Home Approaches Target a Daring Goal: Patient Satisfaction- Washington Post

Shrugging off the celebrity mantle, sort of - Renzo Piano- San Francisco Chronicle

Run of the mill: Baltic [Arts Centre] is open, at last, at last. - Dominic Williams- The Guardian (UK)

Councils' height plans a corruption risk: ...changes would create "a developers' free-for-all"- Sydney Morning Herald

Lofty vision: 'The hottest urban location in the city' - Graziani & Corazza Architects; II BY IV [image]- National Post (Canada)

American architects vote the Millennium Dome 'the biggest eyesore in the world'- Independent (UK)

A new drama is playing out behind the scenes at La Scala as it undergoes a major renovation - Mario Botta (AP)- San Francisco Gate

Ground Zero: A Week for Unveilings, Exhibitions, Discussions, and Debates- ArchNewsNow


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