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Today's News - June 3, 2002

The general tone of today's news asks us to take a look at the past in considering the future. Articles range from a fairly balanced examination of Beyer Blinder Belle's role in envisioning the future of Ground Zero, the politics of master planning (or re-planning?) Baltimore's Inner Harbor, and turning around one of Chicago's most impoverished communities, to the expansion of already overbearing freeways in Milwaukee, and, from Britain, how the concrete jungle has become "a metaphor for all of our urban ills." Newsweek reports from Glenn Murcutt's Pritzker Prize ceremony in Rome last week, and (gasp!) Herbert Muschamp actually likes a Trump tower.

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Repairing the Pentagon: Faced with a staggering task and a short amount of time...companies embarked on an assignment unlike any other. - RTKL; KCE Structural Engineers- Baltimore Sun

Architects Starting at Ground Zero: Greenwich Village firm chosen to conceive World Trade Center’s future - Beyer Blinder Belle Architects & Planner- NY Newsday

A Handsome Hunk of a Glass Tower: ...Trump World Tower, undeniably the most primal building New York has seen in quite a while. By Herbert Muschamp - Costas Kondylis- New York Times

Ugly shades of grey: Britain's urban environment has been blighted by grey, stained crumbling concrete monstrosities.- BBC

Editorial: Architects vs. politicians: The soundest and most imaginative design ideas amount to precious little if elected officials lack the political commitment to stand behind them. - Cooper, Robertson & Partners- Baltimore Sun

Beirut buildings: not on verge of collapse: newly elected president of the Order of Engineers and Architects chief plays down fears - Sobhi Bsat- Daily Star (Lebanon)

Region should weigh freeway options before locking design mistakes in concrete By Whitney Gould- Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

$232M pumped into massive arts projects: Ottawa-Ontario agreement benefits Royal Ontario Museum, Opera House - Daniel Liebeskind; Frank Gehry- National Post (Canada)

Opinion: The Civic Arena is a treasure: Keep it and grow: Every attempt should be made to transform the Downtown icon from a symbol of failure to a symbol of rebirth- Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

A World at Your Fingertips: The Worldview project, an exclusive venture of Pletts Haque, a British architectural interaction design firm, plans to open real-time windows around the world. [images]- Wired

Better House music, but still via the underground: in six years time, the Opera House will have a working orchestra pit, improved acoustics...But it still won't have a front door.- Sydney Morning Herald

U.S. Botanic Garden: On the Mall, a Hybrid of Form and Contents ...an outstanding example of "form follows function"architecture conceived seven decades ago By Roger K. Lewis- Washington Post

Sino-U.S. Model Housing Project Launched- Xinhua News (China)

Englewood project has backing of big names: backing a project in one of Chicago's most impoverished communities - Lucien Lagrange and Associates- Chicago Sun-Times

The Relentless Pursuer of Ideals: Little-known Australian Glenn Murcutt wins architecture’s most prestigious prize. Score one for the modern environmentalists- Newsweek


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