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ArchNewsNow Scoop: World Architecture Magazine Scaling Back from Monthly to Annual

by Kristen Richards
December 12, 2002

Leave it to the World Wide Web to keep no secrets…


Apparently, staff and contributors to World Architecture (WA) magazine, currently a monthly, received a not-very-holiday-like memo from publishing director Tony Arnold yesterday. ArchnewsNow received, via e-mail, a copy of the very short but not sweet note stating that The Builders Group (TBG), the UK-based publisher of WA, is taking the magazine back to its original incarnation as the profitable annual “Top 300” survey of international architectural firms (2003 will be the 10th survey issue).


The status of the World Architecture Awards, organized in association with the Royal Institute of British Architects and launched in 2001, is “currently under review.” According to another source, the magazine wasn’t making enough even with an increase in subscriptions.


WA subscribers will be offered RIBA Journal, which will be going through a re-design and editorial changes (perhaps more international coverage?) in 2003.


This industry has seen a number of fine publications close their doors in the last several years. It is never good news. I, for one, will miss World Architecture, and wish all the talented and dedicated staff and contributors very good luck.


Kristen Richards, Editor-in-Chief

© 2002