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ArchNewsNow Exclusive: A Changing of the Guard at Architecture Magazine

An industry stalwart is shifting direction - to what, no one will say exactly, but we hope another industry voice is not silenced.

by ArchNewsNow
March 26, 2002

Last week, e-mails were buzzing and rumors were flying that Architecture magazine was either closing or morphing into something else.


Editor-in-Chief Reed Kroloff set the record straight yesterday in an exclusive interview with ArchNewsNow. The publication will remain an architectural magazine, but he is resigning effective May 31st. According to Kroloff, management has not indicated the specific change in focus the publication will take, but “it will be different than what we do now, so I have decided to move on.” The search for a new editor is currently underway.


“The parting has been amicable, which is why I’m staying until May to help with the transition,” said Kroloff. “I’ve had a great seven years with Architecture – especially the last four-and-a-half years as editor-in-chief. We’ve accomplished a lot in redefining what a professional magazine can be, specifically working to connect architecture to its broader cultural context. We’ve had wonderful successes, and won more awards in four years than any other industry publication. None of it could have happened without our exceptional staff – truly remarkable people.”


He also expressed his gratitude to all the architects and designers “who have supported this magazine and helped make it the strong, independent voice of this industry.”


Kroloff is enthusiastic about his own future. In the short run, he’s taking his first vacation in four years. He has already lined up consulting and management projects that will keep him busy well into next year. “These will allow me to stay actively engaged in the critical dialogue about the future of the architectural profession,” he said.


Word has it that the magazine will undergo a redesign, and re-launch this fall. It hasn’t been an easy time for many publishers. Architecture’s sister publication, Interiors magazine, was laid to rest last year after more than 100 years of publication. Hopefully, Architecture will remain a meaningful voice in a profession that, unfortunately, seems to find it difficult to support a broad range of architectural media.

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