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Tuesday, April 22, 2014

EDITOR'S NOTE: We will be getting ready for the AIANY Awards Luncheon tomorrow, so will not be posting. We'll be back Thursday, April 24.

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Happy Earth Day! So, why is it we celebrate on April 22? (It launched in 1970, but actually dates back to 1872.) -- Litman lauds new (and useful) research on the benefits of smart growth that "has important implications for planners." -- Chakrabarti explains why the future "is centered in the urban core," and why "we have an unsurpassed opportunity to transform the U.S. into a more prosperous, sustainable and equitable country by encouraging a more urban America." -- Brussat takes a "walkabout" in Providence with "Dr. Street" Massengale, "a card-carrying contrarian" who explains that "even the best cities can be made better with better streets." -- Corey Freed minces no words about why he thinks too many architects are "wimps" and "frozen in fear" when it comes to discussing sustainable design solutions with clients. -- Meanwhile, younger architects in L.A. are redefining the green movement, "going beyond the advertising argot and energy-efficient appliance add-ons to embrace sustainability in innovative ways." -- Goodyear ponders whether Manhattan is becoming too "Manhattanized": "with one luxury tower after another replacing older buildings, what's being lost?" -- Hatherley has no doubt that "London's skyline needs more tower blocks, not more luxury flats" in towering skyscrapers. -- Mount has a most interesting conversation with Gehry re: his Battersea project, working with Foster ("Brits talk a lot while they're working"), why he doesn't like London's new skyscrapers, and why "starchitect is a stupid word." -- Wainwright visits a charming "modernist gem" of a 1970s housing project in Lambeth with its architect and residents "to find out why it's worth saving" (we wouldn't want to be moved to "extra care" housing either!). -- Hecht reports on the continuing RIBA/IAUA debate: "The Israeli association has a good relationship and a lot of joint activity with its Palestinian counterpart." -- Horton x 2: Qatar has canceled four of 12 planned World Cup stadiums: "speculation that exploding costs and construction delays are to blame. But, there are human costs above and beyond the financial ones. Can Zaha Hadid still look the other way?" -- He still thinks it's time to do away with the title "intern" - "not simply because it is demeaning and diminishing, but because it makes the profession look antiquated" (an AIA survey may just prove his point). -- Farrow offers a fascinating, in-depth look at "moveable architecture" and the architects and engineers who "are experimenting with structures that focus on lightness, mobility and transience." -- Eyefuls of Niall McLaughlin Architects and landscape architect Kim Wilkie's winning design in the Natural History Museum Civic Realm Competition. -- Heatherwick explains how he designed his first university building "on a car park budget" (though it may not meet the part of the brief to make it increase Singapore's birth rate). -- Winners all: Center for Active Design first annual Awards of Excellence + AIA 2014 COTE Top Ten Green Projects (great presentation!) + 2014 Berkekey Prize Essay Competition winners focused on The Architect and the Healthful Environment. -- Call for entries: transform Central Square in Plovdiv, Bulgaria, into an actively functioning, attractive, and distinctly contemporary space.


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