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Thursday, May 18, 2017

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ANN feature: Belogolovsky's never-before published 2015 Q&A with the late Vito Acconci reveals his highly personal way of imagining his architecture. -- Betsky explains why "awards should not be bestowed on buildings that boast sustainable credentials but lack other design merits" (referring to the AIA COTE Top Ten Awards). -- Hosey's thoughtful rebuttal to Betsky: good and green design coming together is long overdue, but "which is more acceptable: to look good but perform poorly, or to perform well but look bad?" -- Ulam queries Diller and Renfro re: their "weather-bending (and politically charged)" 32-acre Zaryadye Park in Moscow, and its "broader political context." -- Meanwhile, Moscow must not have been pleased when "thousands turned out to protest" a proposal to raze 4,500 Soviet-era apartment buildings (and relocate 1.6 million residents!); The Constructivist Project hopes to "promote and save this radical architecture." -- Meantime, WMF launches Modern Century, an Instagram campaign to save Modern buildings. -- On a brighter note, the Srihatta-Samdani Art Centre and Sculpture Park by URBANA is set to open next year in a rural area of Bangladesh, about 150 miles from Dhaka (looks cool!). -- Call for entries: Adelaide Creative Community Hub international architecture competition. -- Weekend diversions: -- Glancey cheers "Citizen Jane: Battle for the City": Jane Jacobs' "message is surely as pertinent as it was half a century ago." -- Kolson Hurley hails the BBC's "real-estate porn" show "Grand Designs," that "smuggles serious architectural concepts into a deceptively pleasant package," now on Netflix. -- The NZ Architecture & Design Film Festival opens in Wellington, then travels to Dunedin and Christchurch, New Zealand (lots of trailers!). -- There's tons going on during NYCxDesign, including all-female shows: "I would prefer if we didn't need to have all-female shows, but I will be a part of them until we don't need to have them anymore," says Stout. -- A good reason to head to London: the 8th annual Clerkenwell Design Week is "jam-packed with creative businesses and architects" (we'll get there someday!). -- Way cheers "Quest for Beauty: The Architecture, Landscapes, and Collections of John Yeon," and work by "the godfather of Pacific Northwest modernism," on view at the Portland Art Museum. -- Cliff notes: "Your 1,200 word bluffer's guide" to "The New Urban Crisis," Florida's "lamentation and encyclopedia." -- Misra's Q&A with Hyra, who "lays out his findings" that "gentrification doesn't mean diversity" in "Race, Class, Politics in the Cappuccino City." -- Q&A with Stefan Al re: "The Strip: Las Vegas and the Architecture of the American Dream": "if you look past the crap tables and slot machines to the architecture, you can see the history of U.S. recreation and social change." -- Smith's "Designing Detroit: Wirt Rowland and the Rise of Modern American Architecture" is a "comprehensive and meticulously detailed" portrait of a little-known architect who had a big impact on shaping his city.


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